@Kyloma Hi Casey!

Somehow my client (or instance?) didn't notify me of your follow. that's the reason I'm saying hi until today.

@Kyloma ohhh, that might be.

Maybe I'm thinking on yet another person in the past conference. Someone told me was about to follow me on after we met each other on the light rail - wasn't you?

@esparta I don’t think that was me, but good to meet you anyway 😄

@Kyloma it definitely wasn't you, I just checked your profile - I never do that since it introduce bias.

But now I know exactly who you are, it turns out I was part of the audience on your talk about Culturesmithing !! - which I love it and gave me a lot of thing to think and apply at work.

Anyway... Nice to meet you, regarless of the confusion 🤣

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