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From time to time developers create error messages that are curious and scary.

This is from Octopi, a GUI front-end to pacman, the package manager:

[aborted]: Suspicious execution method

the explanation is buried on their website:

>That’s because you need to run Octopi, Octopi-Notifier and Octopi-CacheCleaner using their full path commands: “/usr/bin/octopi”, “/usr/bin/octopi-notifier” and “/usr/bin/octopi-cachecleaner”.


Yesterday I did an streaming about CS Fundamentals with TDD approach (test first, code later).

-- Binary Tree #1 (insertion)

I was using , and my old friends and

It's far from perfect, but hope it helps.

2020-01-19 - Late hacking session with Standard Library

This session covers Oct 2019 to Jan 2020 changes on Standard Library gems.

I added a Privacy page to my website:

Privacy (and security) is something I do really care and would love everybody else join the effort to protect ourselves.

It's highly inspired on what @kev did for his own privacy page.

Your opinion is important, let me know if you have any questions about it :)

@MikeG1 well, that's awful. Not sure if can do something about it.
Let me know if I can help somehow.

@MikeG1 never heard about them before...
do you have a reference of what are they doing?
Seeing their website seems like I got and idea, but would be nice to know for sure.

@fjfish yes, must of the time I've see plain arrays initialized and loops with logic, but still, why not using the .clear is not clear to me.
Maybe at some point it had race conditions?
Or maybe people is not aware of .clear exist and making it on C-fashion looks familiar and convenient (as in let the GC do their job at some point).
That's why I'm asking.

@fjfish that's a use case, I've see a lot different ones on a loop as in...

array = []
elements.each do |element|
if some_reason
array = [] # instead of array.clear
# more things

I was not able to find any reference on the webs... So I'm asking here:

Why do you prefer to use

array = []

Instead of


Is it just for the sake of be sure to have an empty array and avoid a possible error? as in

NoMethodError (undefined method `clear' for nil:NilClass)

If you know the array variable is an Array type, do you still avoid the `clear` method?

@kev this was probably there before the migration, but in About page in the Privacy section there's a link to which 404 because should link to

Browsing secure is a complicated and not trivial stuff, Mozilla is trying to make it easy when you are using free open WiFi's.

I'm publishing my opinions after a week using Firefox Private Network:

@mperham checking the Contribsys page:

On the bottom left there's a link to the source (of the webpage?) but it 404-me:

Safari 13 is GA and now supports FIDO2-complaint USB security keys with the Web Authentication.

It's a great step towards a secure we everywhere! And closer to password-less services.

You can read more about FIDO2 here: cc. @fidoalliance

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