@bcgoss in my experience the route|cycle of Test -> Code -> Documentation has been fruitful for years; specially with tools as Yard

If you see what Dry-rb toolset has been done for year (and automated lately) you will see how its kind of less painful.

@judy Shrine all the way.
Shrine was created trying to solve the problems we all had by using Carrierwave, Paperclip & others but also without the dependency on Rails - of course you can use it with Rails if you like.

it was designed with PlugIn infrastructure in mind since the beginning having modularity always in front.

The main dev, Janko Marohnić, is very active and responsive - I discover and we both fix a security issue few months ago.

more about here:

@depfu thanks!

I got that a few minutes after reading your toot. Just posted the announcement since the vulnerability it's not great, not terrible.

P.S.A: A new vulnerability has been disclosed: CVE-2022-30123: Possible shell escape sequence injection vulnerability in Rack


Carefully crafted requests can cause shell escape sequences to be written to the terminal via Rack’s Lint middleware and CommonLogger middleware. These escape sequences can be leveraged to possibly execute commands in the victim’s terminal.

@depfu which one? I'm just starting my working day.

@alexanderadam maybe it was not clear. I actually bought the book, but I can't read it because it's marked as unavailable - apparently it is available for subscription members only.

@alexanderadam thanks!

Got the book but still not available yet. I guess I would have to wait a few days.

Our relationship with Rails | Shopify Engineering


A video where some of the Shopify engineers are talking about how their relationship with ruby and with Rails is.

@Kyloma it definitely wasn't you, I just checked your profile - I never do that since it introduce bias.

But now I know exactly who you are, it turns out I was part of the audience on your talk about Culturesmithing !! - which I love it and gave me a lot of thing to think and apply at work.

Anyway... Nice to meet you, regarless of the confusion 🤣

@Kyloma ohhh, that might be.

Maybe I'm thinking on yet another person in the past conference. Someone told me was about to follow me on ruby.social after we met each other on the light rail - wasn't you?

@Kyloma Hi Casey!

Somehow my client (or instance?) didn't notify me of your follow. that's the reason I'm saying hi until today.

@rudi you uncle has good taste for fashion 🤣

Closing Keynote by Vaidehi Joshi talking about the socio-technical aspect of software development with their personal

Crystal Tia Martin is giving the greatest non-techinical Keynote I've seen luve. About people, about drama - and how to fix it or at least have a better outcome.
You can find Crystal on the bird site: nitter.it/codermeow

@tamouse don't worry take your time and whenever you feel ready just ping and will be around.

Something I learnt the last time I have no job: don't rush it. Being emotional while looking for a job has very bad outcomes.

@tamouse I'm so sorry to know about that. Been there recently and I know that it's difficult and hard, and sad, and the feeling looks like it never goes away but it will.

I know we didn't "know" each other, but let me (us?) know if I (we?) can do something like recommend you or refer you somewhere so you can be back on track - I'm aware you didn't ask for help but I'm offering my help if you want.

It's public knowledge you can't leave this conference without taking a selfie with Evan Phoenix and publishing it on your preferred social network.
So here we are.

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The T-shirt I'm wearing today at the conference. I've been told it portrays Pacific Northwest culture - Oregon in particular?

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