@brian_kephart currently there's a PR trying to document Concerns[1]:

> Concerns are a way to make large controllers or models easier to understand and manage

That's the thing I see the most and the worst use case. Refactoring using Concerns is the wrong approach, but people follow the practice as a mantra.

Splitting your 4K lines controller into concerns is fixing the wrong issue (god object/classes) with the wrong methodology & tools.

[1] github.com/rails/rails/pull/39

@brian_kephart I wouldn't say modules vs concerns are inferior or superior to each other. When using as a mixins they're actually the same & it's fine. If you aren't using their specialized dsl, just use module, but people use concerns anyway.

A "better" organization via clases (OOP), services, modules, DI, containers, or even rails engines would be have better results IMO. When using all of them correctly you don't even need concerns. Using just MVC-Concerns limit your systems.

AppSignal: To concern or not concern


After 6 years of using Rails I'm still not sold of use concerns to simplify mixins.
Surely has their use cases but there's definitely better ways: containers, dependency injection, abstractions, or even plain modules.

"It's a concern when you start using Rails' concerns"

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I'm looking for a Video Editor #OSS.
Which one do you recommend?


New live coding of exercism.io with track: Matrix

This was particularly nice to do with & memoization


You may not be aware of this, but there's a lot of coordinated efforts to a better documentation of Ruby core classes & the standard library.

People like Burdette Lamar, Eric Holden (drbrain) and others has been nailing it going method by method doing a better docs.

Today Jeremy Evans proposed a "Method Documentation Guide" for this:


It's really nice to see this happening, if you are privilege enough to help, please do. The ruby ecosystem need your help.

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Me, the genius: I think I'll use asdf-vm in this old RaspberryPi
Me, the genius, a few minutes later, realizing it would take more than 20 minutes the `asdf install Ruby 2.7.1`

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Next time you think your data is not valuable remember these images.
This is what I can track in my local network. Nice graphs and metadata I got without any fancy nor expensive technology: around $0 since it's produced by my EdgeRoute X & PiHole.
Imagine this kind of data aggregated by your ISP or "no logger ever" VPN provider.

@james looks like it fix itself days after I toot about it.
The other account was @esparta and I was not able to see the posts from there.

Thank you.

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Not sure how developers can sleep having code like this:

return input.scan(/^\d*/) && $&.to_s

So, the reader/maintainers should read it says:

> Return the prefix of the string consistent of only numbers, otherwise an empty string. Note: no empty spaces allowed at the beginning of the input.

Yes, I do #hateRegex

Not sure how I got into this, if you can help will be highly appreciated.

I'm trying to Boost of a toot I did in other mastodon instance, but through the clients (web and @Fedilab) , but I'm not seeing this toot on that profile:


Is it related to this instance or the Fostodon instance?

What I see is an outdated list of toots shown in the image.


cc @james

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I released openapi_first 0.12 yesterday. It’s a framework of Ruby / Rack middlewares that helps you to implement your API based on . It’s inspired by committee and connexion (python). Please check it out and give feedback github.com/ahx/openapi_first

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From time to time developers create error messages that are curious and scary.

This is from Octopi, a GUI front-end to pacman, the package manager:

[aborted]: Suspicious execution method

the explanation is buried on their website:


>That’s because you need to run Octopi, Octopi-Notifier and Octopi-CacheCleaner using their full path commands: “/usr/bin/octopi”, “/usr/bin/octopi-notifier” and “/usr/bin/octopi-cachecleaner”.


Yesterday I did an streaming about CS Fundamentals with TDD approach (test first, code later).

-- Binary Tree #1 (insertion)

I was using , and my old friends and

It's far from perfect, but hope it helps.

2020-01-19 - Late hacking session with Standard Library


This session covers Oct 2019 to Jan 2020 changes on Standard Library gems.

I added a Privacy page to my website:


Privacy (and security) is something I do really care and would love everybody else join the effort to protect ourselves.

It's highly inspired on what @kev did for his own privacy page.

Your opinion is important, let me know if you have any questions about it :)

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