Great tech-for-good social enterprise is looking for a full stack developer. UK-based, but -friendly. Brilliant team, sensible tech ( )

I think it might be a good to connect folks up with some links from across the :

@mperham - :sidekiq:-trepreneur extraordinaire

@matz - Matz is on Mastodon! Alas not for around 18 months, but maybe we can encourage him back? :ruby:

@eileencodes - :octocat: developer and contributor to Rails

@tom - author of "Understanding Computation" and "Why Are Computers" audio irregular

@judofyr - author of many , and of the great

Looking at, seems great! Would be interesting to replace Confluence with it.

Ruby OSS community rant/criticism. 

Speaking of programming related events. Anyone knows of any interesting ones in the UK that are still on this year?

I *think* it's been running for 3 years, and I'm sure it's a great event, but I've never attended. This time I will though.

Hey everyone,

I've been a ruby/rails developer for about 11 years and currently work at Loco2 where I do other things too (full-stack/devops). Originally from Russia, but now live in North Herts, England.

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