Great tech-for-good social enterprise is looking for a full stack developer. UK-based, but -friendly. Brilliant team, sensible tech ( )

I think it might be a good to connect folks up with some links from across the :

@mperham - :sidekiq:-trepreneur extraordinaire

@matz - Matz is on Mastodon! Alas not for around 18 months, but maybe we can encourage him back? :ruby:

@eileencodes - :octocat: developer and contributor to Rails

@tom - author of "Understanding Computation" and "Why Are Computers" audio irregular

@judofyr - author of many , and of the great

Looking at, seems great! Would be interesting to replace Confluence with it.

Ruby OSS community rant/criticism. 

We as a community need to move *down* the stack. is one of the few language that's not controlled by a large corp. But we've been complacent and are not bearing the burden of maintaining it.

Compile ruby from source, learn Bison, learn C, ramp up on compiler theory, help bare the load.

Right now it's an upside down house of cards where few understand the language at an intimate level. This isn't sustainable long term. Get your hands dirty ❤️.

Speaking of programming related events. Anyone knows of any interesting ones in the UK that are still on this year?

I *think* it's been running for 3 years, and I'm sure it's a great event, but I've never attended. This time I will though.

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Hey everyone,

I've been a ruby/rails developer for about 11 years and currently work at Loco2 where I do other things too (full-stack/devops). Originally from Russia, but now live in North Herts, England.

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