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Babies are expensive and boomers are still hoarding wealth, what do you think would happen? twitter.com/usnews/status/1150

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Love the commentary to this vid.
Sorry I don't know who to credit.

Electric digger.

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John Ware says he edited Labour emails to “clarify” their position.

Anyone telling a lie like this (to themselves or anyone else) has no place calling themselves a journalist. twitter.com/jewishchron/status

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I see we’re finally replacing “I disagree with what you say but I’ll defend to death your right to say it” with “I will fucking kill you for sharing facts”. twitter.com/guardian/status/11

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You wanna support kids from state schools (like I was) getting into university? Support @artsemergency@twitter.com

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Just when you thought Grayling had stopped costing the taxpayer millions...... nope, it continues. twitter.com/railnews/status/11

If I was from the USA, this is what I would be proud of.
Not that other garbage:

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Amazing. They’re no longer saying brexit will make us richer or in any way better off. The last thing they can do is sit on stage flapping around a fish and complaining about EU smoked kipper laws and it turns out they’re laws invented and imposed by the UK on the UK. twitter.com/jamescrisp6/status

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NEW: EU sources insist that rules that mean smoked kipper producers in the Isle of Man must use "plastic ice pillow" when sending to UK, as made famous by Boris Johnson, are BRITISH rules and not Brussels' rules. 1/

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It’s a week of remembering #Apollo50th , when capitalism won the space race over socialism!

By using tax money to hire hundreds of thousands of people to collectively under the guidance of a public government agency invent stuff and advance science and technology.

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RACISTS: Hating Islam with a passion isn't racist because Islam isn't a race.

SENSIBLE FOLK: Okay, we'll call people who hate Islam with a passion "islamophobes"

RACISTS: That's not a word.

SENSIBLE FOLK: So then what's the word for hating Islam with a passion?


The folks working on Postgres are very clever indeed postgresql.org/docs/9.1/indexe

This also implies (to me) that you don't want multi column indexes unless you're enforcing uniqueness.

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Theresa May: "Every child is born with potential. We just have to make sure it’s unlocked and allowed to flourish*"

* = by trashing Sure Start, slashing education funding by 8%, driving huge numbers of working families into poverty, & lumbering students with unpayable debts.

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Holding the Conservative Party adequately to account on Islamophobia seems impossible.

Why? Because for many it would mean taking a long look in the mirror.

@AyoCaesar@twitter.com explains.

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Remember, ladies, if you don’t want to be treated like shit by entitled dickheads, you must be sure to adequately conceal your bosom department. twitter.com/andrewsduncan1/sta

This article is over a year old. I think more people should read it: Enough of these disgraceful slurs against Jeremy Corbyn opendemocracy.net/en/opendemoc

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