Getting your medical advice from the moron in the Oval Office, his rich white thug sidekicks, and his idiot son-in-law, is akin to letting your dog do your math homework. Except that your dog has some basic good qualities.

Have left twitter, all tweets deleted

Had enough of straw man attacks

Im 28 and I’m being urged to fill in a DNR form. This is murder.

Please don’t believe the vulnerable are being looked after by the government.

They have withdrawn all help. I can’t get food. I can’t get my medicine. I can’t see a GP.


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I personally know 10 or 15 people who could manage this better than Boris Johnson.

I personally know about 150 who could do better than Matt Hancock.

I know 3 dogs, a cat and an elderly parakeet who would each outperform Liz Truss.

Also means I might be able to scroll down and find stuff again.

Apparently they keep resetting it because ... growth hacker crap doesn't make people hate you or something.

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Until I saw a tweet from I didn't even know you could tap the star thing at the top right of your feed and turn the "show me relevant things as they happened instead of this growth hacker mixup crap" option on.

Thanks, David.

I shared the Drumpf "pants on fire, worst president ever" mock Time cover

Facebook tell me it's fake



They don't do humour, do they?

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This virus is highlighting the best of us (and the worst of us)
Location: Hereford.

25 Tweets Dragging Corporations For Playing The Victim During The Coronavirus Crisis

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Apologies for the global pandemic, straights, and massive thanks to Baby Jesus for showing us the error of our ways by [checks notes] randomly killing a bunch of people regardless of their sexuality/political beliefs.

What better way to show His love?

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Quick word with our ace postie.

‘Keep it up, pal, you’re doing a grand job’

‘Cheers, fella. You go in the 95% pile’

‘What 95% like’

‘95% of nice people. 5% are behaving like complete wankers’

Your regular reminder that the Telegraph recently published an article about arguing that a "cull" of elderly people could be "mildly beneficial"

The Tories may as well have just shot this brave man

I'm furious, and desperately sorry for his family

Top NHS Doctor Alfa Saadu Dies From Coronavirus After Returning From Retirement

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Even the right-wing press can manage dissent when their lives and those of their loved ones are at stake. Imagine if they extended a small portion of that concern to Iraqis, Iranians, Libyans, Syrians, Palestinians, Venezuelans...

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