OOP: You’re Doing It Completely Wrong (Stir Trek Edition)


Hi folks

Looking for remote UK based senior Ruby/Rails gig

Reading: “Google proposed Web Bundles could threaten the Web as we know it”

(Missed this when it first came out. Funny how Google proposes standards that benefit their business model, isn’t it?)



One of the very last events I attended before the lockdown was a thing in Silicon Valley attended by many old friends, but the best moment of all was the chance to hang out with Kim Stanley Robinson, a friend and inspiration.

That's when Stan told me he had just finished a book that might be his last-ever novel, The Ministry For the Future, and that his future work would be nonfiction, starting with his long-planned book about the Sierras.


Today's conundrum

Why does the Node-Sass package (so I believe platform independent) get all complainy when I run it on my arm64 linux? Why does it care as long as it can do what it needs to do?

There doesn't seem to be a "shut up and try running anyway option".

The promise: cloud services will make your computer faster by offloading work and storage.

The reality: 6000 daemons constantly syncing using 1000% CPU and filling up your disk with cache.

'Read' and 'Lead' rhyme. And 'Read' and 'Lead' rhyme. But 'Read' and 'Lead' don't rhyme. And neither do 'Read' and 'Lead'.

This was funny the first time, 10 years ago

Now it's just sad

Wonderful interview with Brian Eno and the late David Graeber

Longplayer Conversation 2014: David Graeber and Brian Eno


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