Well, back in the fediverse, looking forward to everyone leaving twitter to be here.

Which I think will be hilarious

The idea of that mentally still 12-year-old losing his billions makes me feel all warm inside.

Every time I start up Doqur it wants to install an update

Every time

Been a long day

Many years ago I used the gem httparty - when you install it it puts out a message saying if you use the gem you must party hard

Didn't use it for a very long time, but new gig they do

I must have seen that message literally hundreds of times




I'm struggling to find a replacement for master/detail in a technical document.

Post/comment and Order/line even aggregate/breakdown

All work, but aren't as generic.

“We undermine not only unions, but every aspect of the worker's life: AirBnB spikes rents, Uber disenfranchises drivers, a thousand streaming services reinvent cable, Amazon fucks everybody, and so on. Despite any niche expertise, these are companies made possible by software, by the lending of software labor to capitalist ends.”


“The hacker ethos once championed as a method of subverting prevailing power has become at last its greatest lieutenant … I am not hoping for programmers to organize as a class, not anytime soon – you dudebro losers haven't got the guts – but good software simply won't be possible until we accomplish at least that much. There will never be the time or money to satisfy the guarantees our ethics require until we demand them with all the power we possess.”


“Bezos’ 62-mile-high jaunt comes the same day as reports that an Amazon warehouse worker miscarried after being denied pregnancy accommodations while others are forced to piss in bottles to meet daily quotas.

Fuck. This. Guy.”


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"Oh your work bought you a Macbook, hur hur they really like to give you toys"

Fucksake - they're the industry standard and I have a very effective workflow using one. The cost of me makes the cost of a Macbook trivial if it makes me even a little more effective.

Although, MacOS - nice
Macbook - lack places to plug stuff in beginning to get on my nerves

I don't care how thin or light it is (after a certain point). It needs to be functional.

One trick is to launch the CLI from the Docker desktop so you can crib the command to get a shell that works properly

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Just gave up with trying to get my Rails stuff running native on the M1 chip. In the end used containers.

All sorts of stuff not working, or trying to use Rosetta.

I couldn't face reinstalling everything and the target env is Linux anyway, so, ... containers.

This is on the Apple M1 chips, in case you were wondering :)

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Today I discovered that you need to install Postgres using homebrew if you want the PG gem to install. The app works fine but mixes architectures and it won't work.

@dheadshot @rustygopher No, it doesn’t mean that because there is nothing inherent in JS that “isn’t good for privacy” or runs badly on older machines. On the contrary, keeping your secrets on the client (which you control) *requires JS* and requires that all logic runs on the client and that the server (which you don’t control) is as dumb as possible and never has your secrets. Sadly this generic dogma about “JS is dangerous” is perpetuated by folks like the FSF and it’s both wrong and harmful.

I keep seeing a lot of anti Stonewall stuff on the bird site

Quoting articles in the Mail and the Times

Both well-known bastions of inclusiveness, who never make stuff up to be nasty and divisive

Colour me skeptical

Welcome to the anti-dystopian collection Brighter Future, volume 1. It's the first three parts of what was originally a projected six novella venture where I wrote on various themes set in the near future, looking at how people escaped the ecocide and built a fairer world where everybody got fed, educated and housed.


Rather not buy from Amazon? Slightly out of date version here.


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