The proper response to “do what I say or you’re a bad activist” is “lol, bye then”.

RubyMine tells me that string.last has been deprecated, dig dig dig, remember it's a Rails extension, go digging there ... Eventually gets RM to take him to declaration. Deprecated for negative values ... all is well, children, all is well.

On Jul 21, I'm giving a free live talk with Q&A for LogicLounge, an 32nd CAV 2020 event sponsored by the Vienna Center for Logic and Algorithms.

It's called "Working as Intended: Surveillance Capitalism is not a Rogue Capitalism," which is (not coincidentally) the title of a forthcoming pamphlet I've written on the role that monopoly plays in our toxic and conspiratorial discourse.


US ruling class buys up Remdesevir, funded with 70 million public money, charge 2000-3000 per treatment. Universal Death Care, wealth-stripping, police brutalization, imprisonment continue in genocide+slavery 'Western' Imperial Complex - Silver Spook Live

Getting client project up to snuff, using Docker to build it

10 pm

Can't face the round and round while I get bundler working right now

When Margaret Thatcher said, "There is no alternative" (to market-based governance), she meant "STOP TRYING TO THINK OF AN ALTERNATIVE."

It worked.

Exhibit A: the utter failure of cities to provide affordable housing.

In NYC, the "affordable housing" strategy consists of giving developers breaks if they designate some of the units in their buildings as sub-market rent for people in housing poverty. These scarce units are allocated by lottery.

This is an utter, utter failure.


I've just seen some XML where they have a bunch of sub entities all called Attribute that have an attribute called (you guessed it) name with the actual value in the tags.

This is one of the craziest abuses of XML I've seen in ages - someone doesn't understand how XML works.

Updating to on a docker image

Couldn't find certain gems

gem install GEMNAME --path https://rubygems

and trying again seemed to do the trick

No idea why, let's all just genuflect before the Docker gods

Another afternoon wasted

so tired of anarchy's only vibe being punk.

instead of white boys drawing graffiti on brick walls, give me black lesbians harvesting the vertical farm on the side of their collectively governed skyscraper

instead of white boys wearing black and flipping off cops, show me an open air market that doesn't need police because everyone can take what they need

vandalizing walls and flipping off cops are valid forms of resistance, but what we're fighting for is beautiful too

If you want to get an understanding of Marxist ideas, I think these vids are very good

What is Class Conflict? Karl Marx's Class Struggle Explained: Proletariat vs Bourgeoisie

Also like


but it's a little clunky

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I really love being able to define tiny little lambdas in ruby and then pass them into map(&lambda)

Makes extracting things like user name from user id for CSVs and so on nice and simple

Quite a few of the people I subscribe to in the (mostly white) developer community have expressed their support for in the email newsletters I receive from them. Whether it's web design or functional programming.


Where're the rest of you?

That thing where you habitually ||= in a method that sets up a reference value and forgot you set it in the initialize method

That thing


wow, i really have procrastinated the last eight hours away

the fuck is wrong with me?

Don't cling to a mistake just because you spent a lot of time making it -- Anon

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