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What happens when Jo Swinson is confronted face-to-face for her part in the austerity policies linked to 130,000 deaths?

Nothing human.

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Belief in the...principles of... is surprisingly high: to mention merely one example, almost half the population consider the phrase “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need” to be such an obvious truth they attribute it to the US Constitution.

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Anyone characterising moves to make the wealthy pay a bit more tax while people are actually freezing to death on the streets as a ‘class war’ is a honking great bellend who should be yeeted into the Oort Cloud.

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When the UK evicted the population of the Chagos Islands it shot all their pets. Ethnic cleansing for profit, with a twist of additional cruelty. And we're still doing it, shitty little imperial ghost country that we are. twitter.com/ThatGirlVim/status

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'This rancid behaviour undermines the fight against all forms of racism and helps create a new kind of hostile environment.' twitter.com/TheMendozaWoman/st

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People without homes are freezing to death on park benches.

A million people are dependent on food banks to eat.

School funding was cut so hard, teachers are sending begging letters to parents for basic supplies.

And Robert Peston thinks CORBYN declared a class war?

Fuck off. twitter.com/frasernelson/statu

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It's a poser. Am I on the side that thinks around 2% of the country could stand to pay about a tenth more tax than they currently do to make the rest of the country hugely better off, or on the side that calls that suggestion "class war"? twitter.com/Peston/status/1197

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Can't help but read this and think how much @thetimes are out of touch.

These plans will affect less than 500k households in the UK - less than 2% - but the benefits would be near universal.

So much for the middle classes they've been chasing after in recent years! twitter.com/thhamilton/status/

Just done the last run from week 5 of couch to 5k - managed 20 minutes without a break.


I'm not feeling proud or anything, just grateful that I am still fit enough to do this.

I'd also done a lot of daily 2-3k walks before I attempted it.

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Perhaps you could tell us the locations of these 40 new fantasy hospitals?

The cost? The build timescales?

Above all - of course - who exactly you intend to staff them with, given 10k doctor & 43k nurse vacancies? NHS unicorns? 🦄 twitter.com/matthancock/status

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Guys...you know Rachel Riley, the Internet Troll?
She's suing this bloke
Can we give him a hand? twitter.com/MidWalesMike/statu

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I thought talk of this clip of the lunatic Priti Patel being deleted was just paranoia, but the one I RT’d from the BBC last night has indeed vanished. Best keep it alive so everyone can see it. The tories aren’t to blame for their own policies, it seems.

I wish people would stop lumping in all over 50s with selfish old gits who will only ever vote Tory. We lived through Thatcher and fucking hate Tories. We don't suddenly wake up on our 50th birthdays and think "oh they're not so bad after all".

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Wait until Gideon finds out who caused all the homelessness, though. He’s going to feel like a right tit. twitter.com/george_osborne/sta

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Britain Elects 33,000 votes
Corbyn 57% Johnson 28%

Paul Brand ITV 30,000 votes
Corbyn 78% Johnson 22%

Martin Lewis 23,000 votes
Corbyn 47% Johnson 25%

The Times 8,000 votes
Corbyn 63% Johnson 37%

YouGov 1,646 polled
Corbyn 49% Johnson 51%

BBC and ITV only quoting the YouGov

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