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Our collaboration episode with @DeadIrishRebel@twitter.com of @RevLeftRadio@twitter.com, 'Debunking Communist Myths,' is now live.

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shorter paul graham: lol imagine if you tweet about how slavery is bad and then it comes back into fashion and slavers use your old tweets to dunk on you!!

will you still support holding people responsible for their words THEN? HUH?

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Ever wondered how a sewing machine works? Well wonder no more...

"the notion that rising inequality and slow productivity growth are due to foreigners is simply false." Martin Wolf: why rigged capitalism is damaging liberal democracy ft.com/content/5a8ab27e-d470-1 via @FinancialTimes@twitter.com

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Health spending was 5.4% in 2010

It is now about 1.4%

This is a fall of 74%

This is the lowest in 70 years - IFS

So, the next time the Tories say we are putting more into the NHS than ever before


Free software icon Richard Stallman has some moronic thoughts about pedophilia tnw.to/IV1A6 via @thenextweb@twitter.com - very fair, balanced article from Matt

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Based on the mad emails @matthewhughes@twitter.com has gotten, men in the tech world think reminding people that paedophilia is wrong is fascism. Richard Stallman can suck it. Have some regard for the children his terrible opinions harm

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Two themes of right-wing politicians tweeting about Luxembourg PM:

1) Luxembourg is tiny
2) We freed them in the war

The underlying attitude is “know your place”/ “we are your betters”

It’s the colonial attitude that resists an egalitarian world & substantially drove Brexit.

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There is only one country in the world that trades solely under WTO rules. It’s Mauritania 🇲🇷

Mauritania GDP is $4.7 million (0.2% of UK’s) and 10% of the population live in slavery.

So this is the no-deal WTO Brexit that many Brexiters wish to emulate - The Mauritania option.

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Unions as a Service would put the "gig economy" in a very difficult position. "But... it's socialism." No mate. It's disruption. You are compelled to approve.

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I just got pitched "the Uber for kids," which I think is a great idea.

Since they're kids, you don't have to pay them as much, and it's not a big deal if they accidentally kill someone, as they're under the age of criminal responsibility.


and, made me laugh too
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I dunno what Caitlin Moran has said this time but do you have a minute to talk about the perils of White Feminism™©®?

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You're leaving out the fact that I had to leave my full-time job after your pal 'Tommy' launched a campaign of harassment against me, including late-night visits.

You couldn't lie straight in bed, Ian. twitter.com/stillgray/status/1

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So if Jeremy Corbyn flounced out of a press conference because of a couple of protesters the tabloids would be photoshopping him as a chicken again.

Boris Johnson does it, and we're supposed to believe our heroic Prime Minister is being bullied by LUXEMBOURG.

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UK radiology services are collapsing. Huge implications for cancer care. Government has abjectly failed to invest in diagnostic services and it will take years to solve current recruitment crisis. Lots of early retirements due to severe job stress

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