When an interviewer tells me he is going to send a "Ruby" test and then send me a Ruby on Rails test, I feel so uncomfortable as if I am wasting my time. In the same way that a company wants good employees that know what they are doing, we developers want to work in a company where employers understand what they are doing.

【Ruby Advent Calendar 2019】ピュア Ruby で Ruby 2.7 の Numbered parameter を実装してみよう!【1日目】 - Secret Garden(Instrumental) secret-garden.hatenablog.com/e

It takes forever to work on a 3D game engine alone. So I forked my engine and made a 2D. I will go back to my 3D engine when I get some people to work with me.

I am a software developer, my favourite programming languages are Ruby and C++.

I also love Scholasticism philosophy and video-games.


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