In no particular order, web sites like OpenStreetMap, Wikipedia, Archive.Org, Sci-Hub, tools like I2P, Tor, IRC, GPG, OMEMO, OTR, and open and federated protocols like Jabber, Email, Diaspora and ActivityPub are the most important projects on the internet and should be protected and exalted.

.org -hub

@grey I would single out #openstreetmap and #wikipedia (/ #wikidata) as the two projects that the #fediverse should embrace (integrate with), support and get support from

The collaborative, non-owned, knowledge base these two initiatives are building is the foundation for the open society of the future. We need more of that

@openrisk @grey I agree, the projects are so close the the fediverse in objective that I'm surprised there's not more activity related to #openstreetmap and #wikimedia on fedi platforms

@jambamkin @grey well everything has a start 🙂

not sure there is a suitable forum for this (not sure #mastodon threads are optimal for that) but crowdsourcing ideas about how these platforms might integrate more closely, what are short and long term benefits, what are possible obstacles etc would be quite handy

You can sum that up in "safe the commons"

So I want to donate some projects... But most of them are US-based and sometimes I can only find IBAN numbers
as neutral payment option on their websites (I quitted PayPal year ago). And I still haven't found any intelligible instruction how to use IBAN compared to using "normal" account number :/ I would be glad if someone would tell me what to do (I am from EU country, mostly transferred to account in the same country or via particular shops' payment systems).

@grey OpenStreetMap is so much better and more detailed than Google/Apple maps

Having filled-in parking lots is much more useful than you'd think OpenStreetMap needs to develop a navigation app or it's never going to be more than a sideshow.

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