Looks like a cool opportunity


Paid opportunity to mentor or be mentored!

More stickers in the mail! This time to @rey. From Nexmo, Ruby Conf NOLA, Digital Ocean, Heroku, and Screen. Anyone else want some stickers?

I should answer more emails drunk. I'm much more impulsive. Yes I'll do this and that and this and that...

If you're ever looking for Ruby help, we're around on IRC at on freenode any time.


You can find me on there as @baweaver, and as always ping me if you have any issues with conduct.

My book on making it to the #1 spot in the App Store is now free/open. Enjoy: github.com/amirrajan/surviving

Working on a second edition. Keep an eye out for it.

Just sent off some stickers to @Webdevbrent Got extra from Nexmo, @sidekiq, and Ruby conf Nola! Open invitation to whoever else wants some!

Planning on streaming some game development in ~3 hours. Will be working on my game jam drifting game using SDL, C, and mRuby. Come hang out if you can: twitch.tv/amirrajan

what the hell is a mastodon I'm Jorge I've been hacking Ruby since 2007 i feel like an old man get off my lawn

Are there folks here interested in coming to DCamp this year? 10/19-21. DM me.

@guz Hi Chris! Nice to meet you! Happy to here that :) I also used Nexmo (and your ruby client) in my former company and it was working pretty well! 💪

Howdy! I've been involved in ruby for about 4 years now. Got to attend a Ruby DCamp, RubyConf, RailsConf, as well as Red Dot Ruby in Singapore!

Now I'm a developer adovcate at Nexmo where I help maintain our ruby gem and sponsor ruby events. If you want some stickers or are interested in having a speaker at your event let me know!


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