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Hi, I'm Jan, also known as halfbyte on the internet. Together with Florian, who's not on the Fediverse, I run, your friendly dependency update robot factory. I'm interested in weird and odd uses of ruby. I occasionally speak at conferences. I co-run the Hamburg Ruby Usergroup.

Internet issues in the studio were magically fixed this morning just after Telekom postponed the technician appoinment window 2 minutes prior.

And then, two hours later, somewhere in this large industrial hall a circuit breaker tripped - taking the network switch between my studio and the DSL router with it.

The universe is trying to send a message, I'm sure, but my friend, I have an email address, a phone number, a twitter account with open DMs, no need to codify over awkward channels.

Apart from that weird throwback, the Pi 400 is such an awesome device, being futuristic and absolutely retro at the same time.

Right now it lacks a bit of punch in contrast to beefy desktops but looking at other ARM chips, it's a question of time, really.

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Finally today my new microSD cards arrived and I was able to test PiMiga on my RaspberryPi 400.

It's all a bit pointless, but bwoy does it trigger memories. Good memories.

AMIGA software in the late 1990 was extremely good. Points in case: GoldEdit and YAM (An Email program).

Aaand now the internet is gone completely. DSL to DSLAM seems to be fine, but PPPoE times out.

No movement on my support ticket so far.

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Nice one. The studio internet down to 10 of 250 MBit for no apparent reason. Looks like the DSLAM has a mondayish monday.

(In case you're wondering why I'm doing this now - I'm currently refunding and re-invicing our yearly plans and enterprise customers - It didn't make any sense to do this earlier, as I half expected the new VAT rate to be prolongued into 2021...)

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Whoah, that's some complicated date math to figure out the correct invoice amounts due to the temporary VAT change in germany. I will probably spend a full day on this and then also do the refunds. Definitely not a win for me or my business so far (We don't buy a ton of stuff in germany for Depfu, so no way to hand through the losses).

A day deep in CSV exports and bookkeeping duties. On one hand I like how much I can just automate away stuff here, on the other hand, automating this stuff is terrifying because errors can be costly.

Given how sloppy all the service providers in this space seem to be, maybe my fears are unfounded, though.

After my Gaggia Classic started to leak in odd places I finally gave in and disassembled the beast to swap the boiler. The old one looked terrible last time I disassembled it (to swap the magnetic valve) but when I ordered parts, the boiler was on backorder so I reassembled the machine with the old boiler.

Looking at the boiler now, it was about time. Let's see if I can prevent similar damage from happening in the new boiler.

Looks like the re-assembly worked, resulting coffee was good :)

I am a (non CS) engineer by training and so my uni time consisted of a lot of maths, physics, chemistry, mechanics, thermdynamics, all of that. Now, working as a software engineer, I need all of that very rarely.

Yesterday I used a bit of Geometry to write a meaningful test case for an ember component and even though that's a tiny fraction of my engineering canon, I loved every part of it.

So I set my mind on trying to get this super old rails application off of mysql. Wish me luck.

I think it is important to keep in mind, though that neither bundler, nor Composer, Mix/Hex, Cargo or npm/yarn have been created out of thin air. Especially in the case of Composer and Bundler, there was a rich existing context in which this all needed to work.

I guess this makes it so hard for Python to actually diverge towards a common solution?

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Spent another day deep in the trenches of PHP Composer. It's "fun" to see where they diverged from other solutions and how we need to adapt Depfu's internal assumptions to make it work.

And by "fun" I mean "sometimes actually fun and challenging and sometimes mindboggingly weird".

Summer is back here in Sweden, if only for a few days. I'm enjoying the relative warmth and the sun as long as I can. Even had my feet in the water earlier today (but more than that was completely out of question. Probably no more than 12-14°C or so.

A few days into WSL2 on Windows 10 2004 and it is almost there. Native X11 support will be greatly appreciated (I got it to work but it was a hassle) and (disk) speed can still be improved, I hope/think.

I hate to say it but Linux Audio is such a pain in the arse with these 20 layers of abstractions and possible failures on every level.

Today, out of the blue, my headset stopped outputting sound. Somewhere in some low level mixer the volume was set to zero and it took me an hour to find the setting.

Which painfully reminds me of how far away that summer home in sweden with the Gigabit fiber line seems to be right now...My original plan for the year was to spend the early summer there 😥

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Pro tip: If you replace the old fossil of an ethernet switch with a brand new one, chances are that your bandwidth will increase.

Without me noticing much we now crossed the threshold of 100 Mbps not being able to carry the full load of a DSL connection.

It's not exactly Gigabits, but 230Mbits measured speed isn't too shabby, even if ftth is obviously what we really want.

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