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Hi, I'm Jan, also known as halfbyte on the internet. Together with Florian, who's not on the Fediverse, I run, your friendly dependency update robot factory. I'm interested in weird and odd uses of ruby. I occasionally speak at conferences. I co-run the Hamburg Ruby Usergroup.

Today's episode of "everything is broken" is brought to you by my Linux desktop and Google Chrome:

On XFCE, Google Chrome reports weird values for computed style properties (that we use in a couple of tests), for example 1.994px for a border that is definitely set to 2px in the css.

On GNOME desktop, it reports proper 2px.

I don't even know where to start to look for what I've configured wrong for this to happen.

Installed Catalina on my poor MBP to be able to test some Notarization issues we're running in to.

This is the Apple version of the Windows Vista debacle, isn't it? I don't have enough hands to click away all those "X requested Y, allow it?" windows.

Also, it just asked if it is okay for Terminal to access my Documents folder. Really?

Somehow ended up in a rabbit hole called . Torn between building the (quite possibly) first ruby library for generating the XML or instead undusting my Java and using one of the available open source solutions.

In any case this looks not like a fun weekend hacking project.

(In case you're wondering, ZUGFeRD is a standard to embed XML data into invoices to make machine readability better)

First real setback on my Linux journey: After updating to Ubuntu 19.10 my desktop kernel panics after waking up. No idea what could cause it, searching the interwebs does not yield help.

I bought my laser printer 5 1/2 years ago. I mostly print b/w and I actually had to replace the black toner cartridge once. I've already reset the toner counter for the other cartridges twice and they are still fine.

I am quite happy with the printer itself and the economics compared to my old inkjet, but why are these toner gauges so fucking off that I can reset them twice and still have perfect prints?

Sigmar Gabriel als VDA-Chef. Irgendwie schon fast niedlich in der Konsequenz.

Okay, here goes nothing: do-release-upgrade 😂

Also I just realised that the Zoom H6 I have bought is accidentially the missing puzzle to build a mobile beatboxing rig. Muhahahahaa.

Sometimes a good nights sleep is all that's needed to turn me from a tired, demotivated individual into a powerhouse full of ideas and motivation.

I should probably be much more deliberate with my sleeping habits.

Organisational complexity. You simply can't escape it.

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Rechte Gruppen: Du bist weiß, männlich und voller Hass? Kannst bei uns mitmachen!

Linke Gruppen: Wenn du nicht anerkennst, dass der Anarchismus von Étienne de La Boétie viel inklusiver ist als der von Alfredo Bonanno in seinen Schriften vor 1977, dann bist du mein größter Feind!

I am learning so much right now. Every. Single. Day. As if I'm a child again. It's exhausting and sometimes frightening, but so incredibly satisfying. 1 ❤️.

My brain feels completely jammed. Hopefully a bit of action next week will shake some of that loose.

I am officially too tired to handle complex regexps. Stared at three lines for 30 mins, got nowhere.

Plan: Get some actual quality sleep tonight, restart effort.

Now essentially questioning everything. Midlife crisis or just insights not available to be before?

I‘m starting to run really low on fucks to give.

Youtube consistently gives me car advertisements in front of climate change videos. I'm not so sure about that strategy.

As expected, getting back from the coziness of a long vacation to the harsh realities of what has apparently now become my life wasn't fun. I'm not having a good week. Hopefully, tomorrow will be as positively overwhelming as I am imagining it to be, I could use that.

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