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Hi, I'm Jan, also known as halfbyte on the internet. Together with Florian, who's not on the Fediverse, I run, your friendly dependency update robot factory. I'm interested in weird and odd uses of ruby. I occasionally speak at conferences. I co-run the Hamburg Ruby Usergroup.

So, yarn berry.

first run fails with a build error on one of the dependencies (node-sass).

Just trying again, it doesn't even try to compile it again and just claims everything was successful.

Not sure I can trust that result?

Fresh 13°C in my studio this morning. Brrrrrring on ALL THE HEATERS.

I also ordered some replacement switches (browns) to see if maybe at least replacing the rightmost row will keep me from accidentally hitting HOME every so often. Otherwise I do really like the red switches and I think my hands also appreciate the reduction in force needed.

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So, I like my Keychron K3 V2 but I am still struggling somewhat with it and I am not 100% sure why that is. To figure it out, I ...ordered another Keyboard, a K2, which has the same layout but standard keys and switches - To see if it's the layout or the specific keys/switches.

My accuracy has certainly dropped, but if I remember correctly this was the case for me as well when I switched from an Apple keyboard to the Ducky.

It just arrived. It's gorgeous (pictures coming) but it'll take a while for me to get used to the new layout...The Ducky was easier because it's essentially just a standard layout minus the number block. The right edge of the K3 is just completely packed.

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We're talking either Windows XP or OS X Yosemite. In case of OS X 10.10, the last time this system got security updates was in 2017.

I mean...

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Interesting conundrum: We've recently moved a project to LetsEncrypt and now between 1-2% of our users can't use our product anymore. (Because of the missing root cert on their ancient OS)

On one hand I can totally understand why people are using old hard- and software, with Money being the main reason - On the other hand, yo, you're using an unmaintained, inherently insecure operating system to use the interwebs. STAHP, forcrissakes, STAHP.

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Ich suche eine/n Nachfolger*in für "meinen" Minijob:

Leichte #Admin Tätigkeit für einen gemeinnützigen Verein im Bereich der Flüchtlingshilfe im Ruhrgebiet.

Ca. 2-3 Stunden pro Woche, kann remote ausgeübt werden.

Gerne boosten. #job

I have a Keychron K3 on delivery and it makes me quite giddy. Ever since I've seen that keyboard I waited patiently for the ISO version.

Only a few weeks to go, I guess. 😬

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Artikelempfehlung über Ungeimpfte 

Ein ausgesprochen guter, philosophischer Artikel zum Thema der Ungeimpften:

The issue with my frozen Screen on my XPS 15 is not solved yet but at least I can't blame the Dell support for not trying. They've been quite diligent. Maybe a bit too eager to prove that it's a software issue but I think that's sort of understandable.

Unfortunately the next step on the list is a full Windows reinstall. Yay. As in: not yay at all.

Working on yarn berry (2/3) support for Depfu. Finally.

But also: Really? Has there every been a more overengineered, convoluted and misguided in many ways approach to package management than this?

Where should I even start?

I wondered a bit why yarn berry wasn't more widely adopted. I'm so over that.

This is going to take a while to get right.

What ever I settle on, I think having flat files on Disk is going to be the way forward. No proprietary format ever again.

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Evernotes Apps have now gotten so bad that I now actively try out alternatives. That actually means something. Right now looking at Obsidian and liking what I'm seeing.

Obviously people have figured out how to convert an .enex file to the proper Obsidian file structure, YARLE seems to do this right.

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What triggered this? css gradients in FF are still rendered without dithering, because of an error in the WebRender implementation that made the algo non deterministic, making it fail some test suites. Last comment was from two years ago.

The bug itself was opened 11 years ago. I didn't even know css gradients have existed for that long, to be honest.

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I was a Firefox fan for a long time and I would still like to be able to like it.

The new tabs UI is one thing.

As a web developer, the amount of times something is literally broken in FF and when I look up Bugzilla tickets they are at least 5 years old and still open and no clear path to resolving them seems to be in sight is just too high for me to have good confidence.

TIL that the GitHub API returns type="file" for a symlink if the symlink points to a file in the repo.

I'm pretty sure this is nifty in some cases. And also completely breaks detecting symlinks if you want to prevent overwriting them in an automated process.

I can't prove it right now, but I am pretty sure that it reports as "symlink" for some initial amount of time after committing.


I just fixed a ton of weird errors in my test runs by removing node_modules, clearing the yarn cache and reinstalling everything.

I wonder if four seasons total landscaping is hiring?

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