Had to dig out my MBP for some OS X debugging and wondered why it feels so slow. Still not sure, but here's some semi controlled Geekbench numbers for my machines:

MBP (Mid 2016, last pre-touchbar 13", 3,1 Core i7): 3873/7449
Razer Blade Stealth (Late 2018, i7-8550U): 4364/13498
Desktop (i5-8500): 5704/23235)

Interesting how little single core has improved.

Also interesting to compare the TDPs: 28W on the MBP, 15W (!) on the RBS and 65W (!) on my Desktop.


That's also the reason why you still might want a (huge) desktop. The TDP of my desktop processor means it takes about 1/2 kg of oddly shaped metal to dissipate the heat - but it can be done without a fan. And that makes all the difference.

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