Every few months I remember that I still have an open order on a TextBlade. Since my long ago said goodbye to the money, I then go to the Waytools forum and shake my head at their incredibly bad communication around a product delay of almost exactly 5 years by now.

You read that right.

Of course I could simply cancel the order and get a refund, but I don't want to shut myself out from the eventual joy of a "your textblade has been shipped" email. Haha.


The one thing I always wonder about is: How do you keep a company afloat for 5 years without any significant sales? I mean, they still sell the thing from their homepage, but I hope nobody actually buys it before it's actually available at this point (when ever that may be. Who knows if we use bluetooth or computers by then)

@phil_pirozhkov It looks cute, but I don't think I'm in the market for such a minimal keyboard, really. The textblade is meant to be a super portable keyboard for mobile devices and the Centromere looks more like a super minimal desktop keyboard.

Also, I am not a 100% blind typer. :)

But thanks for the pointer!

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