Also, while I enjoyed the more manual and hands on approach of arch/manjaro, I think I’m quite happy with Ubuntu and the more managed approach long term. We‘ll see.

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Im pretty sure this is not Manjaro‘s fault, but somewhere between my slightly odd laptop, XFCE and the Manjaro environment mouse and touchpad often stop working and that is, as you can imagine, unacceptable and I am not able or willing to spend more time debugging this.

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On a quick ride on an electronics shop to acquire a couple of USB sticks to be able to replace my manjaro Installation with something that does not actively tries to keep me from working. How’s your evening?

I finally managed to get my website's dependencies updated and trimmed down (no more compass!) - I even managed to write a new blog post:

Hopefully, I will manage to get back to a regular blogging schedule, there's so many things I want to write about.

@phil_pirozhkov It looks cute, but I don't think I'm in the market for such a minimal keyboard, really. The textblade is meant to be a super portable keyboard for mobile devices and the Centromere looks more like a super minimal desktop keyboard.

Also, I am not a 100% blind typer. :)

But thanks for the pointer!

A word that regularly dominates my brain recently is "Synthesis". Not as in Audio Synthesis but in "How can I combine my strengths from my professional career with what's going to be needed in the coming years". There must be overlap somewhere, but if you skip past the tech bro "I will change the world with this exploitative startup idea", these things become much less obvious.

Pointers and discussions welcome.

And I seem to be asleep already. Read only mode I mean.

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Wow, Birdsite seems to be in temporary write only mode.

I am a bit late to the party but what a great track: "Dancers" by Plaid.

100x better with volume on 11. Trust me.

You know you have a problem when you're trying to make a Heap Snapshot in Chrome and while taking the snapshop Chrome crashes...

Music helps. Blasting some uplifting dub techno with a proper noise floor.

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My mental state is a complete shipwreck. Currently on a high, but the mood swings are hitting me hard these days.

Probably inevitable when you're both super excited for your immediate personal future and super worried for your species as a whole in the not so immediate future.

The fact that on iOS 13, old 32 bit apps simply crash the phone when launched, with no visual indication that the app is 32bits and no way of automatically remove these apps sums up my Apple mood quite perfectly.

Been staring at the spinner a lot because the only way to test is to actually launch.

(And yes I know I should have pruned my Apps a couple of years earlier but hey)

The one thing I always wonder about is: How do you keep a company afloat for 5 years without any significant sales? I mean, they still sell the thing from their homepage, but I hope nobody actually buys it before it's actually available at this point (when ever that may be. Who knows if we use bluetooth or computers by then)

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Every few months I remember that I still have an open order on a TextBlade. Since my long ago said goodbye to the money, I then go to the Waytools forum and shake my head at their incredibly bad communication around a product delay of almost exactly 5 years by now.

You read that right.

Of course I could simply cancel the order and get a refund, but I don't want to shut myself out from the eventual joy of a "your textblade has been shipped" email. Haha.

@bascht @kattascha Wäre das dann automatisch Rechts-Rock? So wegen Grammar-Nazis und so?

(...Ich muss auch dringend ins Bett jetzt...)

OMG, I may have found my ideal Studio space after just two visits. It's proper rotten and needs a bit of work to be usable, but it's also full of possibilities.

So if anyone needs a Firewire 400 card for PCIe, let me know, I have one to give away/sell.

Really happy with my new sound card so far. It's even multi client on Windows with an active ASIO connection which is something my old Saffire wouldn't let me do. I'm going to have a lot of fun with this in future live jams.

B Stock in this case meant a couple of wrinkles in the packaging and a very unprofessionally coiled USB cable, btw. :)

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