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Aus der Zwischenzeit:
"Ihr Arschkrampen sollt Euch um eine ökologisch besser verträgliche Ökonomie bemühen und nicht wie kleine Schulhofkinder auf einem schwedischen Mädchen rum-mobben, bloß weil sie Sachen sagt, die Euch nicht in den Kram passen."

My new jam is randomly downloading hour long dub techno mix playlists with youtube-dl.

If we would charge a dollar for each instance where a missing comma in a package.json or package-lock.json after a botched merge pukes a ton of error messages into our logs, Depfu would be ... still not profitable, I guess.

Huh. Both reassuring and slightly worrying: My touchpad was suddenly broken on Manjaro for a couple of days and now seems to have fixed itself with the latest update. libinput was updated, so that's an obvious candidate. Humm...

If you have any question on extinction rebellion (XR), just ask. I may not be the best person yet to answer your questions, but I'll do my best and I know people now I can ask.

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You may notice I have the extinction symbol on my avatar now. My bio now says "Involuntary Rebel". I'm new to this and I am not sure what we're trying to do will be enough but I realised over the last few weeks that I need to do *something* and this is the best I could come up with. I spent last weekend with a lot of people with the same simple goals and the same fears and the same hopes. It was distressing, exhausting and gave me a sliver of hope.

In my rural swedish summer home, if my swedish is not failing me, when the fiber net is finally in operation in September, I could get 1GBit up/down for roughly 50 EUR a month.

I understand the difficulties of providing the same in a city with 2M inhabitants and tons of offices, but the 30-40 MBits I usually get on my 50MBit DSL are quite sad in comparison.

Oh well.

So yeah, that new Raspberry Pi 3B+ is a much fast computer, who woulda thought. The dashboard now works like a charm.

That being said, GitHub providing CD/CI at some point was probably inevitable.

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On one hand it's great to see that GitHub did indeed overcome the pre-merger apathy. On the other hand they are now single handedly destroying a handful of ecosystems they helped to grow in the first place. Not sure how this will play out but I personally thing concentration is *never* a good thing.

Except that users will love it of course.

I think this also solved the riddle of how last time I tried this, the SD card I had in the PI basically disintegrated within weeks. Having Swap on an SD card and then swapping out like no tomorrow all the f'n time can't be great for the lifetime of an SD card, right?

Bwahahah, it took that poor Pi1A about 10-15 minutes to boot the sinatra application (a dashboard), start and Chromium and then load the app while compiling the assets.

I ordered a Pi3B+ (because a Pi4 would totally be overkill for this), in the hopes that everything will be much quicker :)

My poor RaspberryPi 1 struggles to install the eventmachine gem as compilation brings the machine to its memory limit. Maybe I should actually just cave in and buy a new Pi with a more reasonable memory limit.

(The Pi 1 A has 256MB. Yip.)

The hard panning on Beatles records still throws me off. I mean, hats of for the creative use of stereo, but phew, that's irritating for todays ears.

Best example: Taxman. The whole backbeat comes from one side. Wild.

"Dark matter isn't squirrels" is my new jam.

Nice. GitHub just literally forgot one of my commits. Well, it registered, but the PR it belonged to didn't update. An empty commit fixed it, but that's not great, is it?

That's also the reason why you still might want a (huge) desktop. The TDP of my desktop processor means it takes about 1/2 kg of oddly shaped metal to dissipate the heat - but it can be done without a fan. And that makes all the difference.

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