“Here, a generation after Boeing’s initial lurch into financialization, was the entirely predictable outcome of the byzantine process by which investment capital becomes completely abstracted from basic protocols of production and oversight: a flight-correction system that was essentially jerry-built to crash a plane.”

Wow this article.

Vertical Platformer, running in the browser, written in 150 lines of Ruby: Vertical Platformer in 150 lines of Ruby. Running in the browser: fiddle.dragonruby.org/?share=h

This is your hourly reminder that A Dark Room has been released to the Nintendo Switch. We've added new storyline elements, music, dev commentary, and couch co-op. At least add the game to your wishlist so I can get the warm and fuzzies: nintendo.com/games/detail/a-da

PS: The game is made with

Yes. Ruby can do *real* game dev. It gives trash runtimes like Unity and GameMaker a run for their money.

Ruby caused an upheaval of web dev with Rails.

This same upheaval will occur of game dev by a fire-breathing dragon. Wait and see.

Heck yea! I finally was able to give approval to post my talk from the conference. Here's the first half of it!!! youtu.be/o0d4sjcUfCg

(second half coming soon) please pretty please boost

HTTP/2 frame headers are amazing because they contain both a 24-bit and a 31-bit number, which no programming language I know of can read from a stream innately. 😂

The 24-bit number is unusual but the 31-bit cracks me up primarily because the 1-bit field preceding it has no purpose. They could've just made it a 32-bit number.

The Amazon rainforest has been burning for 3 weeks, the fires are raging so strong that cities kilometers away have been darkened by the ashes.

The current Brazil president, Jaír Bolsonaro, is a climate change denier, he’s withdrawn a lot of the protections that were in place to protect the rainforest, there is no official media coverage.

Fires are being started deliberately to illegally deforest indigenous land, people have died in the fires already Pataxó woman says twitter.com/sunrisemvmt/status

1999: dang all the cool kids have a Dreamcast

2019: dang all the cool kids have a Dreamcast

This is quite interesting!
Hey ya'll! I'm learning Ruby from Launch School which is an online school for Software Engineers. Cheers everyone✨

Hi, I'm Jan, also known as halfbyte on the internet. Together with Florian, who's not on the Fediverse, I run Depfu.com, your friendly dependency update robot factory. I'm interested in weird and odd uses of ruby. I occasionally speak at conferences. I co-run the Hamburg Ruby Usergroup.

@ioquatix This is interesting because it isn't something I think much about. I've searched around and this is a point of contention several places; especially depending on how you define "diagnostic information".

Some links I found:


My current thinking is that "standard out" is for the standard (expected/typical) output? It is certainly more nuanced, though, than my initial reaction.

@ioquatix There's a good explanation why it should go to stderr in "A Research UNIX Reader: Annotated Excerpts from the Programmer’s Manual":

In the following Ruby code, should logger default to `$stderr` or `$stdout`?

logger = Logger.new

CSV do |csv|
logger.info "Generating row..."
csv << ['1', '2', '3']

Please reply with your reasoning.

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