It's shocking how many CI/provisioning systems cannot handle repositories with a `.` in their name.

@ioquatix I think it will be a few days before they are posted.

@ioquatix Matz did a presentation at the RubyHack conference yesterday. He has a slide for Falcon.

Yay, RuboCop wins the annoying award: Naming/RescuedExceptionsVariableName: Use e instead of error.

@ioquatix at the moment I'm using it because I want to stream a zip-file as I'm creating it (basically: fetching files from S3, building a zip file, and sending it to the client).

right now I'm using it inside Roda + Puma with Rack hijack

saw the headline "Global outrage over Facebook service outage"

I was more outraged that it came back up, tbh

What is the current defacto practice for compartmentalizing/enabling prod vs development specific business logic? if/else statements around methods? Including different environment modules? An adapter pattern?

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Ruby on Rails is famous for popularizing the MVC (Marvel vs Capcom) pattern for developing user interfaces

@ioquatix yep! Freaking loved that game (title of the YouTube video mentions Subspace)

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