aaaaand released digest-crc 0.6.1 because of course I forgot that bundler requires rake be listed as a dependency, even though it's bundled with ruby. Now digest-crc will successfully install/compile under bundler.

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FYI digest-crc 0.6.0 is out. 40x performance improvement for CRuby! If you use ruby-kafka (which uses digest-crc) run `bundle update digest-crc` to take advantage of the performance boost.

So remember when I was saying Zoom is a privacy and security train wreck? Apparently, that was an understatement:

“Zoom has ‘rolled their own’ encryption scheme [with] significant weaknesses … [and transmits] meeting encryption keys through China.”

Via @ScottMortimer

"Explorer, what has your team found?"
"The planet is habitable. It was once home to a relatively developed species that called themselves 'humans', but they burned too many fossil fuels and caused a global climate catastrophe."
"Didn't they do anything to stop that?"
"Yes, they put their best minds to it and came up with a fool-proof plan: stop burning fossil fuels & leave nature intact so trees can suck the carbon out of the air."
"And did they succeed?"
"Naw, they went with Plan B: Let the market regulate itself."

#Microfiction #SciFi #ShortStory
#ClimateCrisis #FossilFuels #FossilFools #ListenToTheScience #ActNow #Capitalism #CapitalismKills #Extinction

I just released Rack 2.2 by my own hand haha. So if it starts breaking tons of shit it's all my fault 😂

@kenichi Right now we are trying to decide the scope for Rack 3, there is a discussion going on here with links to other issues. I think if you have time to research and or think about them, that would be awesome:

I'll commit the code here as I stream. So feel free to clone the repo and code along if you want:

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In Ruby you can call a parent class’s method from another method in a child:

class Parent
def foo

class Child < Parent
def foo

def bar
).bind(self).call - foo
# == -1

I've updated the eligibility requirements for getting a free commercial license to DragonRuby Game Toolkit. The income eligibility has been relaxed. And I've added a bullet point for teachers, mentors, parents. You can read it all at

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“Here, a generation after Boeing’s initial lurch into financialization, was the entirely predictable outcome of the byzantine process by which investment capital becomes completely abstracted from basic protocols of production and oversight: a flight-correction system that was essentially jerry-built to crash a plane.”

Wow this article.

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Vertical Platformer, running in the browser, written in 150 lines of Ruby: Vertical Platformer in 150 lines of Ruby. Running in the browser:

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This is your hourly reminder that A Dark Room has been released to the Nintendo Switch. We've added new storyline elements, music, dev commentary, and couch co-op. At least add the game to your wishlist so I can get the warm and fuzzies:

PS: The game is made with

Yes. Ruby can do *real* game dev. It gives trash runtimes like Unity and GameMaker a run for their money.

Ruby caused an upheaval of web dev with Rails.

This same upheaval will occur of game dev by a fire-breathing dragon. Wait and see.

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Heck yea! I finally was able to give approval to post my talk from the conference. Here's the first half of it!!!

(second half coming soon) please pretty please boost

@jgaskins I wasn't suggesting you didn't know how to do it, just showing you that I did it so my thoughts on the matter weren't completely abstract.

Regarding the design of the protocol, there are a ton of weird issues. Another one is simply how chatty the protocol is - in my implementation's micro-benchmarks, it's about 5x slower than optimal HTTP/1.1 comparing like for like persistent connections.

The way HPACK works is also pretty awesome...

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