The more I code the less I like abbreviations. I write software in the veterinary space and this came up again recently. A fellow developer used "tx" to mean transaction. I thought it meant "tax". The person who works with our clients thought it meant "treatment".

I expect to write code once, but read it a bunch of times. Having things spelled out is easier than trying to guess meaning from context.

@phaedryx I wouldn't abbreviate tax. Often use the first syllable, which I think would have worked in this instance.


@fjfish @phaedryx what are the benefits of abbreviating at all?

The only justification I can think of in an age of auto-completing editors is where a shorter variable name makes the structure of the logic clearer (i.e. single-line enumerations). Even then, I'd still pick a short word over an abbreviation thought.

@james @phaedryx
If you know what the abbreviations mean it's less cognitive load

There are some words, (I dunno, associate, orthodontic, etc.) that I would shorten simply because typing them is annoying.

@james @phaedryx
In our system we also have prior approvals, so PA is often used.

But then, everybody knows what it means.

Base entities and columns referring to them are still called prior approval though, because that would be annoying.

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