Successfully persuaded the devops person to *not* install rbenv in production.

One more step up the mountain…

@james Why is installing rbenv not recommended in production?

@coding I'm sure it _can_ work, but version managers introduce an additional layer of indirection which can lead to unexpected behaviour.

If multiple versions of a binary are needed, better to install explicit versions and use them explicitly (e.g. `/usr/bin/ruby-2.4`, `/usr/bin/ruby-2.6`), or to use containerized separation, than to use a server-wide shim which must be correctly set up in _all_ the various execution contexts on a server (interactive, non-login, cron and so on).

@coding standard disclaimer: this is just my opinion, but I've been burned enough in production by all manner of shims and binstubs that I have a strong preference for simplicity and explicitness wherever possible.

@james OK, thanks. That's what I thought but I wanted to make sure in case I was missing something.

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