Code editor poll, because why not, I'm curious!

Feel free to reply with more details if you like!

So -- what editor are you mostly working in at the moment? (more options in follow-up toot)

(editor poll follow-up)

@james VS Code and Atom are not editors. There are IDEs. Maybe different pool?

@zh @james so you're saying that VS Code is not an editor while Emacs is? What's the rule here? Because clearly not complexity.

@zh I’d say they are all applications you might use to edit code, with greater or fewer accessory functions

@james @zh I was using Atom but on last year I move to VS Code and I love it.

@james maybe a bit late but... I've been using Sublime Text for the past year or so and it's great! Used vim, atom and tried VS Code, but they all feel very slow for my taste.

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