Hey folks,

The domain name is up for renewal soon, and looking at the overall expenses of running this instance, we could _really_ use a few more supporters on Patreon to help cover costs.

If you can spare a couple of bucks, it'd be really helpful!

Super special thanks to the current patrons: @sidekiq @shanecav @passthejoe @MikeG1 and super-supporter @honeybadger :honeybadger:

:ruby: 🎉

@james @sidekiq @shanecav @passthejoe @MikeG1 @honeybadger
What are the monthly expenses involved in running this instance? Is that delineated somewhere?

@LewPayne @sidekiq @shanecav @passthejoe @MikeG1 @honeybadger the domain is ~$150/year, and the hosting via @mastohost is $30/month. At the moment the patrons total just over $40/month over fees are factored in.

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