I'm a big believer in system tests, and I front-end developers I know really like Cypress, so this will be interesting to explore:

What's crazy about Cypress, though, is that the Cypress app is 704MB. That's one hell of a development dependency.

Furthermore, it's recommended that you install cypress via npm, vendoring it in each project.

Got ten projects? Kiss 7GB of disk space goodbye.

I know that efficient disk space hasn't always been a top priority in the NPM world, but still, yeesh...

@james Have you seen and ? These look more interesting to me for writing CDP-based system tests in Ruby...

@floehopper FWIW I’m not opposed to writing system tests in JavaScript; it’s important that the team buys in to writing and maintaining them, and if that’s the compromise required, that’s fine by me. It’s just… so, so big…

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