I'm considering switching the signup process on this instance to being directly moderated, instead of fully open; around 30% of the signups at the moment are companies that only want to put their links online.

Does anyone have any concerns about this?

I have turned on account moderation. I actually turned it on a few weeks ago, but then turned it off during to make it easier for attendees to join.

However, less than a day later, an account appeared posting links which clearly broke the instance rules, so it's back to moderation again.

It's not actually that much trouble to approve the accounts, and it's vastly preferable to having to suspend abusive ones, so overall I think this was the right choice.

Anyway! Ruby! :ruby:

I am also looking for a Nice captcha on mastodon registration page and API.
Very pissed off that such a successfull project has not been having a good thing on this subject, after 4 years of existence.
It juste makes administration costly in time

@james Wouldn't moderation take too much manual effort on your part? I think it would be too much onus on you to monitor sign up all the time.

@jason the (current) alternative is me monitoring the local signups anyway, so it wouldn’t really be an increase in load, for now anyway

@james Should be fine but as Jason said, we don’t want an extra burden on you.

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