Once again, welcome everyone who's joined this week so far, and special thanks to @halfbyte and @andy_twosticks for contributing on our Patreon (patreon.com/bePatron?u=1323763) 🎉 :ruby:


I regularly check our "Local" timeline to see what people on this instance are talking about:


This is a great way of finding people to follow - because you're on the same instance, chances are you have at least one shared interest :ruby:

If you're curious about what's happening elsewhere in the Fediverse, you can use either the "Explore" or "Federated" timelines:

#️⃣ - ruby.social/web/explore
🌐 - ruby.social/web/public

The "Federated" one is a bit of a firehose, you've been warned!

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