@jeromedalbert it could be that `db:migrate:redo` uses the `db:migrate` task internally, which then Rake will helpfully not run a second time; try running with `--trace` to see.

That said, I am pretty confident you can still get it done with only two invocations of `rake`, instead of three... 😄

@jeromedalbert how about ‘rake db:migrate db:migrate:redo db:test:prepare’? Would that achieve the same thing but only loading the Rails environment once?

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via the birdsite, avdi is giving away free 1 year subscriptions to ruby tapas to interested female devs twitter.com/avdi/status/104570

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has anyone used GraphQL with a Ruby backend? how was the experience?

For the first time in quite a while, I wrote a non-conference-talk-transcript blog post! I wanted to share a little about the text editor I’ve been using, and gather a few things together that I wish I’d known when I picked it up.

Getting Started with Spacemacs: interblah.net/getting-started-

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so I've been playing with composable validations

@leoleo55 you can use the web, or Pinafore on web or mobile, or Amaroq, Tootdon, Toot.app - lots of possibilities!

@travis For me, the benefits of a super helpful git log and blame workflow vastly outweighs the challenges of coordinating rebasing feature branches.

And over time it encourages us to be more mindful of the commits we create in the first place, making them cleaning and more coherent from the outset.

@travis once it’s in master, complete agreed (and I think he says so in the talk).

For collaborative branches, a little work is required sure, but it’s hard to avoid unless you want to save all your merge conflicts to the end and have a bunch of “fix build” commits in there.

@dekkzz78 I can't think of anything super obvious; possibly some of the recent changes around the superclass of `Integer`, or the behaviour of `each` on `String` instances?

Lovely talk by @tekin about the benefits of investing time in keeping a clean and useful history, particularly the tips at the end.


@brian_kephart I first used as a language to control and glue together some C++ code I was writing to simulate insect construction behaviours

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Hello Ruby Folks, Goldstar (where I work) is hiring Rails developers in Portland, OR or Pasadena, CA. Please reach out if your interested. We aren't looking for remote folks right now.

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I am struggling to become a Ruby, JS developer later in life. It's been harder than I thought to rearrange my life to make room for this change. Any one out there have any tips? I'd love to find a solid mentor.

@mperham @sidekiq interesting idea. I do still like smaller contributions by individuals because hopefully that’ll give people a sense of ownership of their community, but if companies can afford more, that’d be great too

Don't worry @mperham, :sidekiq: will stay 😄

(although you could be extra nice by becoming a super supporting anyway 😉 )

The Ruby.social Patreon now has a couple of benefits available for supporters:

Super supporters can now nominate a custom emoji which will be added to the instance for their (any anyone else's) use! :ruby:

Companies/bigger organisations can now also show their support of Ruby.social with a logo and link from the homepage.

Find out more:


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I’m looking for Ruby developers who have an app idea, but have never managed to get it built & in the App Store. If that sounds like you, let me know and I’ll put you on the list for my upcoming webinar.

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