@alexanderadam it's not, but the service is free to use if anyone else wants to sign up :)

@floehopper FWIW I’m not opposed to writing system tests in JavaScript; it’s important that the team buys in to writing and maintaining them, and if that’s the compromise required, that’s fine by me. It’s just… so, so big…

Furthermore, it's recommended that you install cypress via npm, vendoring it in each project.

Got ten projects? Kiss 7GB of disk space goodbye.

I know that efficient disk space hasn't always been a top priority in the NPM world, but still, yeesh...

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I'm a big believer in system tests, and I front-end developers I know really like Cypress, so this will be interesting to explore: gilesbowkett.com/blog/2020/10/

What's crazy about Cypress, though, is that the Cypress app is 704MB. That's one hell of a development dependency.

interblah.net/two-thoughts-abo - in which I take inspiration from @robbyrussell's latest podcast episode for a couple of thoughts about maintainable software :ruby:

How much more of my disk space must I sacrifice to `node_modules`? All of it? :(

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Pat Allen released a couple of useful libraries:

github.com/pat/sslocal-rb - Make local environment ruby/rails SSL as streamlined as possible.

github.com/pat/sslocal-js - Make local environment js webpack SSL as streamlined as possible.

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Great news, everyone! RuboCop's team decided today we're ready to ship 1.0 (this time for real)! A major milestone was achieved just now github.com/rubocop-hq/rubocop/ You've got about 1 week if you want to include some fixes/changes in this special release. :-)

🐦🔗: twitter.com/bbatsov/status/131

Thanks to new Patreon donor and member @fearoffish! Much appreciated! :ruby: 🎉

(And if anyone else wants to help keep the lights on here: patreon.com/rubysocial)

TFW when _thought_ you'd pushed your branch and were waiting for the build results, only to realise after 30 minutes... you didn't.

@flux1221 welcome to ruby.social! We're glad to have you here.

What resources have you been using to learn Ruby?

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