@flux1221 welcome to ruby.social! We're glad to have you here.

What resources have you been using to learn Ruby?

@skeang yeah, it's a "private" module that I just keep in my `.doom.d` directory. You can see it here: github.com/lazyatom/.doom.d/tr

@skeang I’ve been using Spacemacs for about two years and switched to Doom a few months ago, I like it a lot. I have a custom module for running tests in Ruby/rails, if you’re interested?

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Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, 2e in Unofficial Texinfo Format (tl;dr looks great) sarabander.github.io/sicp/html

@LewPayne @sidekiq @shanecav @passthejoe @MikeG1 @honeybadger the domain is ~$150/year, and the hosting via @mastohost is $30/month. At the moment the patrons total just over $40/month over fees are factored in.

Hey folks,

The ruby.social domain name is up for renewal soon, and looking at the overall expenses of running this instance, we could _really_ use a few more supporters on Patreon to help cover costs.

If you can spare a couple of bucks, it'd be really helpful!


Super special thanks to the current patrons: @sidekiq @shanecav @passthejoe @MikeG1 and super-supporter @honeybadger :honeybadger:

:ruby: 🎉

LRUG tonight! 6:20pm London time, registration details at lrug.org. See you there?

@mastohost is there any way to get visibility of current usage levels for existing hosted instances?

The next London Ruby User Group meeting is coming up on the 13th of July. :ruby:

Details here: lrug.org/meetings/july/

Register here: eventbrite.com/e/lrug-july-202

Everyone is welcome; thanks to lockdown, you don't even need to be in London!

... and if you'd like to speak at LRUG, no matter where you are, we'd love to hear from you. More details about that on lrug.org too.

:ruby: :ruby: :ruby:

@esparta so I understand properly:

1. what's the URL of the toot you were boosting?
2. what's the URL of the account you used to boost it?
3. whats the URL of the account that you expected to see the boosted tweet on?

@codesections I highly recommend making big batches of pasta sauce or curry, then freezing in flat blocks in freezer bags. Defrost in the pan while the pasta/rice cooks. Super easy.

@katafrakt interesting, thanks for pointing it out! I've had an interest in experimental test frameworks for quite a while.

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@zh I’d say they are all applications you might use to edit code, with greater or fewer accessory functions

(editor poll follow-up)

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Code editor poll, because why not, I'm curious!

Feel free to reply with more details if you like!

So -- what editor are you mostly working in at the moment? (more options in follow-up toot)

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I decided to create an account on ruby.social, so: hello all!

I had previous mastodon account but nothing really going on there, so I probably won't bother with a proper migration.

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