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This is all of the Ruby code you need:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

require "http"

HTTP.auth("Bearer YourMastodonAccessTokenGoesHere")
.post("ruby.social/api/v1/statuses", :params => {:status => "You can toot to Mastodon using the HTTP gem in TWO lines. I'm doing it right now"})

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What are you using to install different :ruby: versions?

I have turned on account moderation. I actually turned it on a few weeks ago, but then turned it off during to make it easier for attendees to join.

However, less than a day later, an account appeared posting links which clearly broke the instance rules, so it's back to moderation again.

It's not actually that much trouble to approve the accounts, and it's vastly preferable to having to suspend abusive ones, so overall I think this was the right choice.

Anyway! Ruby! :ruby:

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@peterevjan so far I've enjoyed the Demystifying Hotwire talk, and Brian Cantrill's keynote (though it's mostly about hardware & history).

@brian_kephart it's definitely chaotic, but mostly due to the number of people (~800).

Each session has its own channel for discussing the talk and Q&As; all the sponsors also have their own channels too, and are hosting interesting discussions about their product or job openings.

And everyone is also free to create birds-of-feather channels (e.g. "activejob-and-beyond", "crystal", "neurodiversity") and they all seem fairly active

I'm quite enjoying this year's remote version of - clever use of Discord gives a good sense of community even with most of the talks being pre-recorded.


Anyone else here "attending"?

@jason the (current) alternative is me monitoring the local signups anyway, so it wouldn’t really be an increase in load, for now anyway

I'm considering switching the signup process on this instance to being directly moderated, instead of fully open; around 30% of the signups at the moment are companies that only want to put their links online.

Does anyone have any concerns about this?

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RT @therubygalaxy@twitter.com

Interested in speaking at Ruby Galaxy? Our CFP is now open!!Take a look at rubygalaxy.io 🛰

🐦🔗: twitter.com/therubygalaxy/stat

@bucareli it was actually surprisingly vibrant even before Rails, but definitely much smaller 😊

@bucareli I discovered ruby when I was a student, and a couple of things immediately sang to me:

* everything is an object
* functional aspects like Enumerable

This was a few years before Rails made it a viable career language, for which I am very grateful. I also really enjoyed the community (this was when _why was still around).

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@alexanderadam it's not, but the service is free to use if anyone else wants to sign up :)

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