I put it in a file called `~/bin/test-diff` and mark it as executable.

A script to run tests changed since master, pretty handy when checking PRs:

test_runner = File.exists?("Gemfile") ? "bundle exec " : ""
test_runner += if File.exists?("config/application.rb")
"rails test"
elsif File.directory?("spec")
elsif File.directory?("test")
"ruby -Itest"
changed_test_files = `git log --name-only --pretty=oneline --full-index master..HEAD`.split.select { |f| f =~ /\Atest|spec/ }
exec "#{test_runner} #{changed_test_files.join(' ')}"

A quick thanks again to the very kind folks and companies who are sponsor the ruby.social instance and help keep the lights on here.

If you'd like to join them, it's super easy, and every little bit is appreciated: patreon.com/join/rubysocial

@judofyr I always figured it was a place to put all the not-really-OO stuff that doesn't really belong in Object and subclasses (like convenient IO and running subprocesses and other procedural helpers)

@lodestone wow, such a long time ago! Hope you're doing well, and I'll have a think about anyone I can refer to Laurie's study :)

A couple of great talks from (amazing that they're up so quick, too!)

A branch in time (by @tekin): youtube.com/watch?v=1NoNTqank_

Representations count (by @tomstuart): youtube.com/watch?v=ej-W956YQN

@amirrajan I wish more devs understood that a clean set of commits is an important part of your output, not just the final code you end up pushing.

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Hi all! I'm new here. I've been programming in Ruby for a bit (about two years) and love working in the language. Looking for new people to follow, so if you reply here, I'll follow you!

@samwightt aren't most Mastodon servers free to use from most users' perspectives?

@samwightt I believe you'll end up searching the database of all toots that _the server you are searching_ has seen. That'll include

* toots from local users
* toots from other servers followed by those local users
* toots from any relays the server subscribes to

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@travis For me, the benefits of a super helpful git log and blame workflow vastly outweighs the challenges of coordinating rebasing feature branches.

And over time it encourages us to be more mindful of the commits we create in the first place, making them cleaning and more coherent from the outset.

@esparta sorry to hear that you're still having issues, but glad it's not something wrong with ruby.social itself! @mastohost -- any ideas?

@esparta if you’re able to try it either with a different browser and/or not Tor that’s certainly help debug it…

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Want to experience the lemurs and learn Ruby like you've never learned it before? My talk, "Reducing Enumerable - An Illustrated Adventure", is now live!

Learn about reduce and functional programming from a merry band of cartoon lemurs.


@esparta shouldn’t be a restriction. Is the problem still happening for you?

@dekkzz78 it looks like ActivityPub compatibility for Friendica is relatively new (friendi.ca/2018/11/18/activity) -- could that be part of the issue?

I don't think there's anything specific about ruby.social that's different from any other Mastodon instance; perhaps it's related to the Mastodon version though? This is currently running Mastodon 2.6.1.

@dekkzz78 there's been no specific configuration about that, so if friendica and mastodon are normally able to syndicate, then it should work with ruby.social.

Are you seeing problems?

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