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Matz is getting people to weigh in on the |> operator over on the birdsite: twitter.com/yukihiro_matz/stat

My thoughts, having it as an alias for dot operator is meh.

There's so much more in that talk beyond `qlobe`, it's an amazing collection of ruby programs.

I had thought about proposing a talk to about `qlobe.rb`, but I'm glad to see that the author has already done one: youtube.com/watch?v=6K7EmeptEH

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Hey #Ruby devs, if you're looking to help out the #fediverse, check out #prismo! It's a link sharing platform, similar to lobste.rs or hacker news, that federates over #ActivityPub.

The lead (and only) dev has to back off development for a while, but it would be great to spin up a team that could pick up the slack and keep the project moving.

You can find the repo here:

and the matrix room here:

When debugging , I always struggled to get to enter the contents of a block, painstakingly stepping through internal methods and watching out for the yield. If you've ever debugged and/or callbacks, you'll know this pain.

Today, I learned you can just type `c <line number>` to jump straight into the block while skipping all of the plumbing that yields to it.

:ruby: 🐜 🚫 👍

In case any of you are in , I'm hosting tonight's meeting, and would love to see you there!


Anyone know _why_ future releases of are planning to remove scripting runtimes like & ?

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@clajiness indeed! I think it can be used basically anywhere. And have you see the double-splat?

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Welp, you can now watch me delivering the talk about why I think federated package management is what we should do. Ulp.


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Oh, hi, friends. Ruby gem drive-by detail fixer and co-maintainer.

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@postmodern you might be able to contrive a pipeline that ran unit tests in a container built with the former, but integration tests against a (then deplorable) container built with the latter, maybe?

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Ruby tip:

class Foo
def self.value
@value ||= defined?(super) ? super : DEFAULT_VALUE

this will turn Foo.value into a value you can configure per class (with a default), and you'll automatically inherit the superclass' value

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I was initially skeptical to another code loader, but Zeitwerk is actually very very nice: github.com/fxn/zeitwerk. it's based on Ruby's built-in autoload (as opposed to const_missing) so constant resolution works as expected

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I am a software developer, my favourite programming languages are Ruby and C++.

I also love Scholasticism philosophy and video-games.

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