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We're now running on 2.5.0! Thanks @mastohost for your hard work doing the upgrade.

You can now create invite links to allow people to sign up and automatically follow you. Perfect for posting to those other sites 😉. Create one at the link below...

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This seems like it could be a cool idea. Are most people here for collaboration, networking, or just to share projects? I love the idea of a social network for Ruby devs.

I'm incredibly new to being a dev, and I absolutely love it so far. Been programming since January, and I have a job working with Rails. Currently spending every spare moment coding/trying to git güd.

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Hello everyone! 👋 I'm a Ruby developer for 7 years now. The first few years I worked on Rails apps, but then I switched to other Ruby web frameworks and haven't looked back (Roda is my favourite).

I'm the author of Shrine, a gem for handling file attachments.

As part of it, I also developed Ruby implementations for resumable uploads, which can greatly improve UX for end users that are uploading large files.

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Thanks to the six folks who signed up to the Patreon for this instance!

Over the weekend we have been joined by almost a hundred new Rubyists, taking us to just under 600 accounts today - welcome!

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Hi peeps! I'm a Ruby/Rails (and other languages) developer by day, and I write things on the interwebs by night. Found out about on RubyFlow ;)

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Namaste from Nepal!

Full stack RoR dev.

<3 Ruby, <3 Rails.

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By the way, if anyone hadn't already seen me mention it, we're looking for a Ruby-friendly architect or an experienced Ruby developer ready to move into a full-time Architect position.

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Hey everyone!

Currently, I’m an accountant, but working towards a career change into web development. I have been learning on my own for almost a year now. I started with JavaScript, and am now making my way through ‘The Well-Grounded Rubyist’ to learn some Ruby. I am really enjoying the language and all the great resources that are available to learn.

Very cool to see all the experienced developers here!

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:wave: Testing the Mastodon waters. Y'all may know me as @MikeG1 on Twitter or the person behind

Still doing Ruby for a living, though more and more moving into technical management.

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I'm Charles from London. I'm a fullstack developer at University College London (UCL). I love and I have the pleasure of working with everyday.

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Hey all! <3 ruby and found out about a few minutes ago via

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Hello all! I'm Adam. You may know me as Adman65 on twitter or from my old ruby blog at I'm still an active member of Ruby community, and more importantly I just love Ruby. It's still my favorite programming language and I'm happy to be around other Ruby enthusiasts. Thank you @james for setting this up.

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Oh, so I'm starting to collect a list of people who might be interested in a native Mac tootclient...

Feel free to toot'n'boost this.

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Hello all! I'm Nick!

I grew up in Montana but now live in Cornwall in England. Not bad! Have been full time Ruby/Ruby-on-Rails for four years... And started doing side contracting a little over a year ago. I lead the dev team at OceansHQ making vessel registry tools and software, fun stuff.

Anyway- Love seeing this community pop up and excited to join in! :)

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Hey people! I’m a ruby developer since around 2010, mostly working on web apps as a contractor.

Ruby is my main but I am/was also working with javascript, clojure and elixir (and PHP in the prehistory 🙊) These days I’m trying to get into ML, so doing some python as well.

Living, working, running and skateboarding in a nice spa town Piestany in Slovakia.

I’m very glad this instance was founded, can’t wait to read your toots!

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maybe I'm using this wrong, but I'm just following *everyone* I see that tweets something about Ruby

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Hi everyone! 👋 👋 I'm a developer based in Bcn. I've been developing in Ruby since ~2010. I love open source and build things. I created some Ruby gems ( I'm also maintaining the Awesome Ruby collection (

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Hey everyone! I'm a web dev working in a variety of languages, but Ruby is my go-to for personal projects. The Ruby community is where I learned TDD, agile, and tbh how to kind to other people.

I mostly post from @CodingItWrong but when I have Ruby stuff I'll post it here! Here's a recent blog post of mine about why Rails is still the fastest way to build a web service:

In other news, we've now hit 500 users on!

This is great news, but puts us on a higher tier of costs in our hosting, so since some folk have asked about it... if you'd like to contribute to the running costs, you can now do so via Patreon:

This is absolutely not required, and getting more Rubyists to join is still the best thing you can do to help, but if you'd like to also throw some gold in the chest, now you can 😄

I think it might be a good to connect folks up with some links from across the :

@mperham - :sidekiq:-trepreneur extraordinaire

@matz - Matz is on Mastodon! Alas not for around 18 months, but maybe we can encourage him back? :ruby:

@eileencodes - :octocat: developer and contributor to Rails

@tom - author of "Understanding Computation" and "Why Are Computers" audio irregular

@judofyr - author of many , and of the great

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