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What version of Ruby is your main project or product running against?

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Question. In which namespace `B` is defined?

A = do
B = 1
A::B # => ???
B # => ???

More on the topic

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Hi guys.
Ruby student here.
I just learned of mastodon and wanted to check it out. Never caught on to Twitter. This looks like a nice small group. Looking forward to knowing everyone.

shameless tin-rattling 

Apparently this is a "premium domain", so it was £120 to renew it for a year 🤯

If you'd like to help out, why not throw us a buck or two via the Patreon?

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Renewed the domain. Has it been a year already? 🎂 :ruby:

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Hi, I'm Jan, also known as halfbyte on the internet. Together with Florian, who's not on the Fediverse, I run, your friendly dependency update robot factory. I'm interested in weird and odd uses of ruby. I occasionally speak at conferences. I co-run the Hamburg Ruby Usergroup.

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This is quite interesting!
Hey ya'll! I'm learning Ruby from Launch School which is an online school for Software Engineers. Cheers everyone✨

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I'm extremely pleased to launch Run Your Own Social: How to run a small social network site for you friends.

This is a guide book to running a small, tight-knit federated social network server. It comes from my year of experience running Friend Camp. It's focused largely on SOCIAL solutions, though it does touch on the technical.

I've tried to keep it technology-neutral, and it should be a pretty easy read for anyone who's been on the fediverse for a while.


class Thing

... does not do what you would like it to do.

I’m at today - any other folks here?

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def back_to_mastdon
p "Hello world"


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Matz is getting people to weigh in on the |> operator over on the birdsite:

My thoughts, having it as an alias for dot operator is meh.

There's so much more in that talk beyond `qlobe`, it's an amazing collection of ruby programs.

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I had thought about proposing a talk to about `qlobe.rb`, but I'm glad to see that the author has already done one:

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Hey #Ruby devs, if you're looking to help out the #fediverse, check out #prismo! It's a link sharing platform, similar to or hacker news, that federates over #ActivityPub.

The lead (and only) dev has to back off development for a while, but it would be great to spin up a team that could pick up the slack and keep the project moving.

You can find the repo here:

and the matrix room here:!IadFDmzRTSlgzQTZH

When debugging , I always struggled to get to enter the contents of a block, painstakingly stepping through internal methods and watching out for the yield. If you've ever debugged and/or callbacks, you'll know this pain.

Today, I learned you can just type `c <line number>` to jump straight into the block while skipping all of the plumbing that yields to it.

:ruby: 🐜 🚫 👍

In case any of you are in , I'm hosting tonight's meeting, and would love to see you there!

Anyone know _why_ future releases of are planning to remove scripting runtimes like & ?

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