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If you're curious about what's happening elsewhere in the Fediverse, you can use either the "Explore" or "Federated" timelines:

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The "Federated" one is a bit of a firehose, you've been warned!

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I regularly check our "Local" timeline to see what people on this instance are talking about:

This is a great way of finding people to follow - because you're on the same instance, chances are you have at least one shared interest :ruby:

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Once again, welcome everyone who's joined this week so far, and special thanks to @halfbyte and @andy_twosticks for contributing on our Patreon ( 🎉 :ruby:

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Welcome to the new & returning users. Hope we can engage better this time.

Please try to follow up other peers, create your and pin your toot.

Remember this is not a "new twitter" the idea is kind of different. You can check @feditips to get more insights about how the federation works and how to have a better integrated environments.

P.S. there's no edit feature, but you can delete & redraft as I did with this toot.

Welcome to the influx of folks today looking for Twitter alternatives 🎉 :ruby:

Renewed the domain for another 9 years, because -- unlike Lanyrd -- cool URLs don't die.

The good folks at Planet Argon are running their Ruby on Rails survey again this year.

If you have a few minutes, share your answers at

Tidying up some old hosting, and clearing up lots of old Rails Engines data -- the original SVN repo for the Rails plugin, the Trac tickets, discussion lists. Seems like an eternity ago!

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

time_to_wait = ARGV[0].to_i

loop do
display_attached = `system_profiler SPDisplaysDataType | grep "Thunderbolt Display"`.chomp.length > 0

if display_attached
puts "#{} - Detected external display: instructing computer to not idle-sleep to avoid crashing, for #{time_to_wait} seconds"

`caffeinate -i -t #{time_to_wait}`
puts "#{} - No display detected. Sleeping for #{time_to_wait} seconds"

sleep time_to_wait

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I got so sick of my Mac crashing any time it slept while connected to a display that I wrote some Ruby to fix it!

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Hello! Using my first toot to link to my PR with a fix for an edge case in Rails that also fixes an old demeter violation.

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Ruby on Rails has released v. 7.0!!

This time I had the honor & privilege to contribute with 8 commits.

I'm so grateful for maintainers and contributors who

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This past year I have been working on my spare time to build a web interface for

It's starting to come together and I expect in about a month to start running a closed beta test.

I have wrote more details here:

Any questions or suggestions please let me know.

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This is all of the Ruby code you need:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

require "http"

HTTP.auth("Bearer YourMastodonAccessTokenGoesHere")
.post("", :params => {:status => "You can toot to Mastodon using the HTTP gem in TWO lines. I'm doing it right now"})

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What are you using to install different :ruby: versions?

I have turned on account moderation. I actually turned it on a few weeks ago, but then turned it off during to make it easier for attendees to join.

However, less than a day later, an account appeared posting links which clearly broke the instance rules, so it's back to moderation again.

It's not actually that much trouble to approve the accounts, and it's vastly preferable to having to suspend abusive ones, so overall I think this was the right choice.

Anyway! Ruby! :ruby:

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I'm quite enjoying this year's remote version of - clever use of Discord gives a good sense of community even with most of the talks being pre-recorded.

Anyone else here "attending"?

I'm considering switching the signup process on this instance to being directly moderated, instead of fully open; around 30% of the signups at the moment are companies that only want to put their links online.

Does anyone have any concerns about this?

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Interested in speaking at Ruby Galaxy? Our CFP is now open!!Take a look at 🛰


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