Is there anyone out there who's NOT writing their #ruby templates in Slim these days?

And if so, why?

Seems like Erb is more popular than I expected! That's motivation to put some effort later this year into improving erbse (which we use for dry-view's Erb support).

Thanks @citizen428 @d @A_rayB!


@timriley First time I'm hearing about erbse. I always thought that is now the de-facto implementation, considering that it has Tilt support and it's now the default in Rails.

@janko We prefer erbse in dry-view because it has sane block capturing out of the box (without any need for using capturing/buffer concat helpers), and this is an important aspect of dry-view's rendering features.

Erubi offers this too, with its capture_end engine, but the syntax is unusual.

Given dry-view works with all tilt-supported engines, we need to do a little work to help the user ensure a compatible engine is available. See for more details.

@janko See also for how gross things look when we use engines that _don't_ have implicit block capturing.

@timriley @janko hah. I hadn’t heard about erbse and wondered how it does capturing. turns out it just uses Temple’s built-in capturing. cool!!

@judofyr @janko Yep! I am very, very appreciative for the work you've done with Temple! ❤️

@timriley @janko it's been a while since I worked on Temple now. it's mostly minad's work recently :-)

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