Upgrading an app to Rails 5.2. New schema version formatting will make conflicts easier to read and resolve. *Tears of joy*

it's cool how firefox has full u2f support now but google still doesn't let you use u2f except in chrome

Ugh, I think this was caused by Ruby 2.3.5 not being supported on the new Heroku 18 stack. 🤕 👊

It won't connect to the in-dyno PG database 😢

Heroku CI is confounding me. Either I broke it (Rails 5.2 app) or I'm missing a semicolon or something.

Every time I run into something that's a little messy in this Hanami app I'm building, I find a clean solution in the docs. I've having a great time with Hanami!

Hi! I've been in the Ruby community since '08 or so. It's my go-to language largely because the community is great and the available libraries are solid.

I've been one of the leaders of the Portland Ruby Brigade for 5+ years, though other people tend to do the hard work.

I've spoken at local, regional and national Ruby conferences, including RubyConf on the (now defunct 😢 Ruby implementation MagLev) though it's been a few years.

I'd love to connect w/more Rubyists, say hi!


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