Run EXPLAIN ANALYZE on an ActiveRecord query if you use Postgres:

puts ActiveRecord::Base.connection.execute("explain analyze #{your_query.to_sql}").values

Not Ruby-specific, but this is an interesting long read about the evolution of Uber's tech stacks:

Here's a no-fuss way to mock `rand` in your specs:

allow_any_instance_of(Object).to receive(:rand).and_return(5)

Is there any reason to use minitest now that it's not even part of the Ruby Standard library any more?

If you have to pull a gem, you might as well just pull RSpec.

Foreman start alias:

fs() {
local options=''
if [ -e '.env' ]; then; options='-e .env'; fi
if [ -e '.env.local' ]; then; options="$options,.env.local"; fi
if [ -e '' ]; then; options="$options -f"; fi
eval "foreman start $options $@"

I think it would take a lot of resolve to make GraphQL resolvers resolve all of the world's problems.

Automatically resolve Git merge conflicts in Rails schema.rb:

(I have also updated tpope's hooker gem to reflect Rails 5.x changes)

My weekly newsletter backlog is starting to pile up. 2 Stackshare, 2 Ruby Weekly, 2 Dev, and a few other ones. I am contemplating them in my Gmail folder but not opening them yet as I have shit to do.

Oh and of course I have a 150 items RSS backlog. Sigh.

ObjectSpace.memsize_of( == ObjectSpace.memsize_of({})


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📍Mentally inverting the unless |
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I am contemplating the use of a macOS tiling window manager. I could see myself doing something like Space+B to go to a browser, Space+T for a terminal/Trello, Space+S for Slack, Space+D for an empty desktop, Space+N for Evernote+Audible+PDF side by side.

"Code is eternal and has a mind of its own, we are just fleeting bystanders to its wonders."

(sucking up when Skynet takes over I'll be the last human to be terminated)

Postgres' array and jsonb data types can be useful quick and dirty ways to store lists of things:

You may want to use the "citext" Postgres type to clean up messy Ruby downcase code when looking up slugs/emails/etc:

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