Made it to 42 before someone finally convinced me to have a tequila slammer. I’d happily wait until I’m 84 for the next one.

Watching Love Actually with my Mum and the single most unbelievable thing is that Britain would have a personable Prime Minister.

At my new favourite brew bar waiting for a couple of Chilean hotties.

On Monday I had leaky feelings. On Tuesday my partner had leaky feelings. Today is Wednesday; what could go wrong?

Took a job where I could write Elixir. Spend my days writing Ruby and JavaScript. Still, it’s nice here and I’m Elixir adjacent.

F linked me to the Songs That Make White People Turnt playlist on Spotify and what’s really sad about it is that it does make me turnt.

J said she’s staying home so I bought 2.5kg of pork but actually she’s going out and now I have pork and wine and no friends. The taste of my bitter tears will only add to the umami.

I have complicated feelings about everything that I am unable to articulate.

beer, or as i like to call it, opinion soda

On the bus home and on my right is a dude trying to get his wifi drivers working on his Linux laptop and on my right is a guy watching The Good Place on his phone. It’s like I never left work.

TIL Leonardo DiCaprio invented helicopters

I know I’m behind the times but got linked Macintosh Plus Floral Shoppe today and was so excited I rushed out to buy a new synth.

First week of new job complete. Deployed 6 changes to production. This is how it should be.

Contention: JSON is only useful as a client/server serialisation and even then there are better options.

Watching Maniac on Netflix. It’s a thing.

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