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Someone tell the media that every time they champion economic growth they’re actually cheerleading the thing that’s going to collapse our society, kill billions & likely render our planet unlivable.

Wow, this is fucking wild. I knew the act of thinking absolutely uses calories, it's just common sense the energy has to come from somewhere but 6K cals in a day at a tournament? Holy shit.

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If the thought of flying toasters gives you nostalgia, here's a link for you. (HT @gannet on Mastodon.)

(CW: necromancy)

'At last, I have done it!' The mage spread their hands and cackled at the night sky. 'I have swept aside the veil of unlife and created a minion capable of speech!'

They rushed forward and seized their grey-skinned undead by the shoulders. 'Speak! Speak!'

The creature worked its jaw for a moment.

The mage waited with baited breath. These words would be written in the annals of history.

It crossed its arms. 'Shan't,' it said sullenly.

#microfiction #TootFic

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What's possibly most depressing about today's "mini-budget" is the Tory leaders themselves (& their donors) will almost certainly see the results as positive - they themselves will see plenty of "growth". But that will come out of everyone else's pockets, not from *real* growth.

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Well, that's an interesting morning on Twitter, ending by being blocked by a racist. 👍

A lot of the friction of modern life comes from capitalism's mandate that the workplace must operate with the smallest number of staff possible. To do otherwise is to needlessly spend money that could go to profits, the theory goes.

In practice, this means that every workplace is constantly running on the ragged edge of failure and disaster, keeping it together by their fingernails. So staff are stressed, struggling and burned out, and customers are rarely if ever satisfied.

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People in the UK arrested simply for expressing opinions in public: one woman for merely holding a sign saying "Abolish monarchy." Whether you agree with their views or not, this is not right. It's only possibly thanks to our extremist Govt's recent laws.

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If we had any illusions that Truss 's Government would be any less evil than Johnson's, they're already showing us how wrong we were.

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The dropping of “The Bill of Rights” – and why it is both good and bad news:
'Dominic Raab and his “Bill of Rights” may have gone. But the need to be vigilant about what the government wants to do with our Convention rights has not gone at all.'

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Things we really need to think about with Truss as PM: her promise to de-fang strikes as a tool for workers. Especially, a "minimum service provision requirement" means that strikes won't cause disruption for employers, which is their whole purpose!

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"The money produced by art has not disappeared... The [rich] have devised, at every turn, new & more bulletproof ways for them to make & keep more money, & for the people who make things to make less. This is the eternal story of labor and management."

This is absolutely heartbreaking. This is what 12 years of Tory bastards doing cut after cut has done to this country. And what's most of the media reporting on? That someone wore a "Never kissed a Tory" t-shirt.


This dinner lady says she cries going into work - because she has to deny children school lunch.


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