In Ruby, there’s more than one way to do it. The principle, which comes from Perl, is known as “the principle”

How do I love Ruby? Let me Enumerable the ways.

If you know of Kent Beck you might be interested in a live Zoom call interview with him today at 11 eastern/8 pacific:

An : welcome to all new Mastodon folks! I’m a developer at heart but lately I do a good amount of frontend development in and . Big believer in TDD, refactoring, and evolutionary design.

I’m more active at @CodingItWrong but I wanted to say hello here and keep an eye on the local timeline of new Rubyists joining!

This series is a blog post I wanted to write, but far more informed than I would have been. What's so unique and powerful about #Ruby, from one of the people who created Crystal—a statically-typed compiled language that nonetheless closely follows Ruby's syntax:

The consultancy I work at is hiring for more Rails positions with a great client project that is continuing to grow. Right now, in addition to general Rails positions, we're also looking for some folks who also have experience in event-based architectures and/or enterprise authentication architectures. Please let me know any questions you have.

(US full-time or contract only)

Job posting and application form with more info:

Rails 7.0.1 is out, which gets it running on Ruby 3.1.0; finally all upgraded to the latest 👍

Ruby 3.1 now available on CircleCI, but there is a bug in Rails that prevents it from starting

Ruby 3.1 update: now available via ruby-build via homebrew, and on Heroku. Not yet available on CircleCI.

Of course, we need to wait for the ruby-build, Heroku, CircleCI etc teams to work on Christmas to update =]

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Me: _signs up as a member of Ruby Together_
Ruby Together:

Just did some year-end giving to:

- #Mozilla, because without them we wouldn't have an independent browser
- #Babel, because without them we wouldn't be able to use the latest JavaScript
- #Ruby, because without it we wouldn't have a mainstream fully object-oriented dynamic language

(Please feel free to nitpick these assessments, but please also do year-end giving to orgs you support)

This is as close as the Baton Rouge Zoo capybara ever comes to me, despite the fact that I love it. My theory is that it's because it's too good for this world.

Looks like we will have yet another security-related release for ruby.

A patch has been merged to the main branch:

But the Hacker1 entry is still not public yet;

You know what I think the Ruby world needs, is an HTTP client gem.

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