I wondered if animated QR codes for data transfer were a thing, and it seems someone tried it. Topped out at 9KBps whereas simple IrDA can achieve up to 4Mbps, but still cool divan.dev/posts/animatedqr/

Interesting conundrum: We've recently moved a project to LetsEncrypt and now between 1-2% of our users can't use our product anymore. (Because of the missing root cert on their ancient OS)

On one hand I can totally understand why people are using old hard- and software, with Money being the main reason - On the other hand, yo, you're using an unmaintained, inherently insecure operating system to use the interwebs. STAHP, forcrissakes, STAHP.

"Why would you *not* use [insert statically-typed language here]?"

If you don't know how to answer this question or are tired of answering it, here are five reasons you might use a dynamically-typed language: codingitwrong.com/2021/11/23/w

Another blog post. This time I’m giving an overview of where Ruby has been recently and where it’s going. I’d be curious if anyone has a different view on any points. bignerdranch.com/blog/where-is

Sad to log out of the Discord now that chatter has died down. I'm sure the other attendees are glad to not hear from me 😀

speech recognition transcribed "Rails" as "wails", and...yeah, sometimes.

It's unfortunate to me how many prominent Rubyists at said "Twitter is the one way to keep up with me" (including the conference itself). I'd love if everyone used fedi, but at least make an email address/home page/RSS feed available. You'd think that Ruby would be one of the communities that would have the *most* social concern with birdsite

"Literally every book says not to use class variables. So you might be surprised to learn that Rails uses them extensively."

Actually, that makes me *less* surprised to learn that.

Blog post: a walkthrough of using TypeProf-IDE, a VS Code integration that allows real-time type analysis and developer feedback of Ruby 3.1 code. bignerdranch.com/blog/live-rub

I'm probably going to end up powering through to get VS Code working after all. MUCASWUC: Matz uses Code and so we use Code.

"A template compiler is exactly what it says, it's just a template compiler." - @tenderlove

"JRuby has a huge number of tears 😢" is probably what Chris Seaton said in his presentation

Watching this talk on perceptual learning, I'm not really sure how to apply it, but hopefully if I see enough talks on perceptual learning I'll be able to 😉

VS Code is continuing to VS Code: two different separate silent failures I had to work through to get Ruby launching from within VS Code. I am just so extraordinarily done with fiddling with silent failures.

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