@james five-alarm emoji alert 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 There is no :capybara: on this instance. Proposed: slackmojis.com/emojis/49111-ca

I have just coined the phrase "in my own personal head", and at work too, but it's Friday, so.

Truly the end of an era. Two years ago it was still a no brainer to recommend Heroku to people for easy hosting of small apps.

I would assume that this change cuts away Herokus primary sales funnel, but maybe their business has changed in recent years in ways I missed. The other alternative is that Salesforce truly doesn't care.

Maybe both.

It's sad. I am a long time raving fan. I'm sad.

My book now has a real professional cover thanks to my friend and awesome designer Zac Brooks! Leanpub readers should have the new version available to download.

Also the Kindle version is now available to buy directly from Amazon!


Y’all I need the core team to fix ruby-lang.org because when I type it in 0% of the time do I add “www.” on the front

OH: “It’s appropriate that the rails symbol is an eldritch tentacle reaching out from the unknown depths. Upgrading rails? Take 1d10 sanity damage.”

(Maybe I can make a sor_loser gem that allows you to somehow subvert Sorbet in your own code within a project that uses Sorbet.)

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If I’m upset that folks are adding static typing to Ruby even though clearly that approach has won, does that make me a Sor-loser?

If you’re looking for a high-paying developer job, remember that Ruby has infinite ranges.

Alternate version

My CI server: “Fix this TypeScript type error”

Me: *Rorschach meme saying “any”*

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My CI server: “Fix this Sorbet RBI file error”


I couldn’t find a simple Ruby-based link shortener I could self-host on Heroku, so here is an extremely trivial one: github.com/CodingItWrong/short

Anyone know of a Ruby-based link shortener that's easy to self-host on Heroku? Might need to build it if I can't find one.

Just realized I’m in the photo on sandimetz.com/courses ! You can see me on the right in the black-and-gray Big Nerd Ranch hoodie.

Having just recently switched onto a Ruby project *and* doing some heavy copyediting, I can confirm that writing Ruby does feel a lot more like writing English. There is a lot of leeway to say “how can I write this more clearly? Not necessarily more concisely, but in a way that’s more obvious that it means without requiring a lot of thought.”

In Ruby, there’s more than one way to do it. The principle, which comes from Perl, is known as “the Time.today principle”

How do I love Ruby? Let me Enumerable the ways.

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