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Second talk about Ruby VS Code integration. I guess I should probably switch to VS Code 😭 💦 💦 💦

Watching a talk on creating a test framework as an example of Ractors, but having trouble setting aside my pro-rspec bias

Very excited to see preliminary TypeProf/RBS integration in VS Code! I'm trying out the example code and hoping to work with the author to fix issues I'm experiencing.

It's called because it's not the best HTTP client for "you or I".

Someone on Discord brought up live streaming, and I realized that my next side project would be a great fit for streaming! I know what I'm doing but it's unique enough content that it'll be interesting. I'll think it over but it's likely I'll start in January.

Goal for my down time during : *actually* be able to clearly write out how concurrency in Ruby 3 works compared to other languages.

Rewatching @matz's 2020 keynote on Ruby 3x3. I've seen it so many times that now I can watch it about 2.8 times faster than at first.

Working out in my yard today, I was reminded of exactly six years ago. We had just bought our first house, and I had quit my job to take one at Big Nerd Ranch so I could start using Ruby professionally. While I worked in the yard at our house, I would listen to RubyConf and RailsConf talks nonstop to ramp up. Six years later, I've grown a ton as a developer, still in love with Ruby, and attending my first RubyConf.

@james fyi I just plugged at so keep an eye out for registrations. At least one person has applied

Warning again that I'm going to be absolutely flooding the local timeline come on Monday; please feel free to mute me until Thursday.

Someone on fedi posted this great blog post about the `async` Ruby gem:

I wrote a quick repo to test my understanding of how it relates to Ruby 3. It demonstrates that you can get async functionality in Ruby 2.7 by using async gems explicitly, but how in Ruby 3 "any blocking operation…will work asynchronously within Async code block with Ruby 3.0 and later."

Just a week until RubyConf. I can't wait for more classic @matz lines like "I hate type annotations, because they're not DRY" and "Ruby is fast enough." 😃

Decided to go virtual for because:

- I'm leery about interacting with attendees in-person with Covid where it is
- Many of the speakers I'd like to interact with will be virtual anyway
- Cost, time, and drain of travel, and inconvenience of having to find gluten-free meals
- Although it's not clear if every talk will be available, none is important enough that it's worth all the above to make sure I can see it

Me: "I have given up on ways to run Ruby on platforms it wasn't meant for."
Someone: *releases a new way to run Ruby on a platform it wasn't meant for*
Me: "Sweet!"

It just occurred to me that the amount of live microblogging I do at conferences, y'all are gonna want to have that mute button ready, because I'm absolutely gonna *saturate* the local timeline 😅

Me: "Man, who has the time to mess around with a Linux-based phone?"
Someone: _mentions running Ruby on PinePhone_
Me: "How much money can I give you for expedited shipping?"

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