Winamp was the only software to ever have a usable dark UI. #hottake

This tweet brought to you by meeting someone I've talked with almost weekly (well, at least monthly) for the last SIX YEARS. Yup. YEARS.

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I think the coolest part of the internet is actually meeting the people who make it a community in person.

For everybody disappointed with today result in the European Parliament on A8-0245/2018 aka as Voss report on copyright reform please note:

1. The thing is not over yet
2. A lot can be done lobbying your local government
3. Just repeating buzzwords does not work
4. Use this opportunity to learn it all works: co-decision procedure, voting list, amendments ...

... because #EuParl is still the best thing that could happen to the European Union.

#linktax #uploadfilters #freedomofpanorama

Super handy of GitHub to show the "create pull request" URL when you push a new branch.

You are underestimating the compounding awesomeness of continually fixing small broken things.

Does anyone here own a pinebook (ARM based laptop)?

I just got a code to buy a 11" one.

Debating if it's worth it since I've gone all in on iOS for my mobile workstation.

This seems like a good time for a PSA:

If in the future you see something on a public-facing webpage you want to make a durable record of for use as evidence, don't take a screenshot. Those are -- understandably -- widely considered too easy to fabricate.

Instead, snapshot the page with the Internet Archive. It'll log a timestamped copy of the page to their servers. Highly tamper-resistant. ("save page now", bottom-right)

May I pick the fedibrain?

I've just realised that all my permanent server workload in the house is done by SBCs (RasPi, ODroid, Pine64 etc).

So, I'd like to consolidate that into a rack/power setup aimed at small systems. Something that can take a variety of different boards. For power I could use a large powered hub, but built into the rack would be good if it exists.


#sbc #raspberryPi #rack #sysadmin

@plainprogrammer You probably don't remember, but we met at in 2016 (Cincinnati, back when you were @ Mavenlink) and you were very influential in my decision to switch jobs - at the time I was a solo developer, and the perspective you had influenced me to find a new gig that had a development team instead of being solo. Thank you a ton!! ❤️

Howdy everyone! My name is James, and I'm a ruby developer from Cleveland Ohio!

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