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@federicomena I had the opposite idea here the other day:

git reset --hard $(git commit-tree @: -p master -p @ -m "Summary of branch")

this creates a merge commit inside a branch *before* it's being merged. it's a place to write a summary of what happened inside this branch. the branch can then be fast-forward merged into master

just pushed out a new version of Duktape.rb that supports bignums and 64-bit numbers:

Duktape is superb if you ever need to embed JavaScript in Ruby (and don't want to spend hours waiting for V8 to compile)

I was initially skeptical to another code loader, but Zeitwerk is actually very very nice: it's based on Ruby's built-in autoload (as opposed to const_missing) so constant resolution works as expected

if you're writing a CLI tool you should definitely check out cri for parsing command line arguments:

@phil_pirozhkov I'm very impressed with AsciiDoc. so many nice features!

@rodloboz oh hi there!

what are you most exited for these days? I haven't done RoR development in a while…

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Hopefully this works alright! 🙋‍♂️

So, I am Tarek, Rubyist, Engineer, ex-Intercom, living in Dublin, Ireland. Would love to see how this plays out connecting to Rubyists all around 🌍

@veer66 can't you just use `ctx[:lines].shift`? or is it important that you don't mutate it?

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I wrote up my work notes on Piranesi’s Perspective Trick.
Pretty pictures, maths, it has it all:

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I've been playing with Roda recently, and it's really fun. Go for it.

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I got into coding because I wanted to create games. Doing that back in the 90’s was difficult. No internet, expensive computers, and fragmented compilers. This is not the case today. But because of shit bag companies, we end up with game dev “solutions” that are just as obtuse. We’ve replaced no internet, low level, complicated C with 2GB clicky-draggy-droppy IDEs that phone home and mine data. A Dark Room’s Easter Egg is an attempt to capture the magic of coding in its purest form.

I'm going to GitHub Satellite ( in Berlin, May 23rd. anyone else going? (or in the area at the same time?)

@postmodern I want a more piece-by-piece approach. instead of generating a full directory (for e.g. a Rails project), I want a tool where I can start with nothing and then pull things in as I need them (e.g: database configuration is opt-in)

I wouldn't think I would ever say this, but right now I have a parsing problem where COBOL would be the perfect solution.

(of course, the reason is that the file format is designed for COBOL, but still)

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@ioquatix at the moment I'm using it because I want to stream a zip-file as I'm creating it (basically: fetching files from S3, building a zip file, and sending it to the client).

right now I'm using it inside Roda + Puma with Rack hijack

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Me: How do I work with currency?

Ruby: Just use BigDecimal.

JS: Deal with floating point math edge cases on every operation you do, forever.

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