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@kev you can be a privacy advocate without being 100% privacy focused, the same way you can cheer for better CO2 policies while heating your house with oil.

Those who always limit themselves by their political believe in privacy are not wrong, but it might even hinders the adoption of smaller steps towards privacy if you start to be come "all or nothing".

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@EU_Commission These claims go entirely against the consensus in the field.

The projected growth in AI, blockchain, IoT will lead to a massive rise in emissions, not a reduction. And contrary to your claim, none of these technologies is essential in reducing emissions.

Quantum Computing is unlikely to be mainstream by 2050 and has currently no promise of energy efficiency. There are much more promising compute technologies. Space-based services cause emissions in the upper atmosphere which leads to additional warming of those layers, making global warming worse.

Please check with experts before posting things like this.(fwiw, I am an expert in low-carbon and sustainable computing so green & digital transition is my area)

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But while "Dark Pattern" has some utility as a term-of-art, I think that it's best reserved for truly sneaky tactics. Most of what we call "Dark Patterns" fits comfortably in under the term "fraud." For example, if "Opt Out of All" doesn't opt out of all, unless you find and toggle another "I Really Mean It" box, that's not a fiendish trick, it's just a scam.


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Hey Ruby-Devs 🙂
I'm curious: Which file-upload gem do you prefer and why? Active storage, Carrierwave, Shrine or something completely different?

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Wenn wir mal den ganzen web3/crypto/nft/blockchain Schmonzes ausblenden, was sind denn momentan spannende, noch nicht ausgelutschte IT Themen, auf die eins sich stürzen könnte?

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i've been reading about SPA rendering and holy shit there are so many buzzwords. reminds me of when i was learning containershit. We could make a game out of this.

Game rules: make an original, thoughtful, non-BS statement using all the webshit or cloud-native buzzwords you can.

"I wonder if an SPA's LCP can be improved by using CSS layout and paint containment on the SSR bits that go through partial rehydration on the client for the initial load; the app could switch to trisomorphic rendering on repeat views when the SW is active."

it took me 10 minutes of looking things up to write that but it's a legit sentence describing a not entirely contrived idea.

Your turn.

CfP for Bits und Bäume 2022 is still open: bits-und-baeume.org/konferenz/
"We connect communities and stand up for political change in the interaction of digitalisation and sustainability. Support the movement with your contribution to the conference! "

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Gibt es eigentlich IRGENDEINEN Drucker
a) mit gescheiten, offenen Linux Treibern?
b) ohne geplante obsoleszenz?
c) in bezahlbar?


Hi everyone!
It's time for a belated :)
I'm Judith, living in the south of Germany and I love photography, forests, building things (mostly on the web), and ruby.
I'm also an introvert and not used to posting on social media because I dislike all the tracking and analysis of data. But mastodon is different, so I'm hoping to find like-minded people here and good conversations about software development, linux, ruby, ...
Maybe also I'm going to post a picture or two. Let's see.

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Über Fehler:
Mein Opa war Künstler. Ich hab ihn leider nie kennengelernt. Er ist berreits verstorben, als mein Vater noch ein Kind war. Trotzdem hat er mich unheimlich stark beeinflusst und zwar so:
Er hat zu Lebzeiten das ganze Haus gestrichen und wenn versehentlich ein kleiner Tropfen daneben ging hat er ihn nicht weggewischt, oder übermalt sondern mit einem Zahnstocher kleine Figuren daraus gezeichnet...

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One of the unexpected joys of the fediverse over other places is the addition of weird domains appended on to everyone's usernames.

It makes the web feel like more than just four websites again.

It's both a signal of a smaller more intimate internet and also a larger and far more diverse internet at the same time!

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Hello World! 👋
Thanks for accepting me on ruby. social! I'm curious about the community here 😎


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