"At its core, Fresh is a routing framework and templating engine that renders pages as they are requested, on a server."

Whoa, that's wild. Rendering. Pages. On the server. The future is now! 🥲


java, a boiler plate driven language designed for writing verbose object oriented instant legacy code

Guess who is writing a livechat app with Hanami, Hotwire and Iodine.

"It was an interesting talk, even scandalous."

I think this might be the best feedback I have ever received to any of my presentations.

The title was:
Entity Component System for "serious applications" [in Ruby]

I briefly tried the official Mastodon app, but I still like Husky more.

I accidentally created a small shitstorm on Twitter.

Not worth it.

BTW, I really want to like , but every time I try it, I hit some very old issue that stops me. Like supporting varargs in C ABI or femit-h not supported (despite what docs day).

I'm unfortunately too dumb to contribute.

Looks like is getting a serious language feature written in (although is also mentioned).


Also, yes, I learnt the word "despiriting" today. And I like it.

Attending meetups can be dispiriting.

Other people:
Discussing what would be the best candidate for aggregate root or how to combine data from two event streams

Spending 3rd day implementing logo upload, because everything is a mess

If GDPR breaks your business model, you should probably reconsider your ethical standards.

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TIL RabbitMQ now has streams, similar to Kafka topics. Might be an interesting alternative, given how complected Kafka setup can be.


Today, after 9+ years in commercial software development, I'm happy to announce that I have used RIGHT OUTER JOIN in a real context for the first time.

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