still wrestling with (spac)emacs. Did not come to ruby yet :)

Joking aside, even Mosaic was champion in usability once you manage to connect to internet (which was not really its fault).

User interface was explainable in 2 seconds to everyone - you point and click.

Then surfing without surfboard was invented overnight.


Some people told me I can surf internet today with EMACS (seen something but I need to find right key combination)

I am seriously contemplating to write an article with the title: "How Alt-m changed my world"

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@ljgww_rb if so, I think it's time for some emacs tutorial or the book 😀 . some keys for starters -

about menu -

about last question - yes, i think

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I'm going to watch, once again, this beautiful keynote by Avdi Grimm:

i am ashamed to tell when I started writing programs.

Ahh yes. On Friday I have tried to install Ruby (2.5) on windows @work. It went surprisingly easy.
Then I have re-visited folders where I have tried ruby earlier and found that I already experimented with Sinatra even wrote some example. But... I also found that example I wrote in 2015 did not work with the new version of Ruby, with some strange exception message. I did not have time to investigate. I would need to refresh my memory about Ruby itself 😉

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@ljgww_rb asdf might not be the best tool for you if you are only using Ruby, but here ya go:

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@ljgww_rb personally I prefer asdf for version management, but RVM is a great tool. Here is the documentation you were searching for:

Don't sweat it though, reading documentation is an art form.

took me time to find out that rvm installation is as easy as typing:
rvm install 2.5
why this is not mentioned somewhere at the beginning of official documentation?

I usually go sleep at Bond, James Bond time. ;)

too much wool. Need to sleep. Until tomorow - stay all well!

The current stable version is 2.5.1 ... I believe I am at 2.2 ... OK refreshing. Will take some time :)

rvm won't install for me. I get keys allright but somehow they cannot be used unless I sudo for key getting. RVM installation later on complains that it cannot get keys... catch22

OK need ...
Which Ruby version to use?
In my case on debian Linux and on Windows (I will use Macs again when this trillion company becomes decent again, if ever)

Mike mentioned Rack. Never heard of it. Now I looked it up. OMG. Zen.

I am ruby newbie, here to learn from more experienced programmers. I have interest in Ruby, but never used it to make something larger than some script utility.

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