Mike mentioned Rack. Never heard of it. Now I looked it up. OMG. Zen.

@ljgww_rb should also take a peek at Sinatra and Rails. Getting familiar with Rack will help with both of those!

@jacobherrington I used Sinatra (I think or something like it), ROR do not interest me (too large and too complex) But thank you for suggestions!

@jacobherrington it was I think about 3 years ago. I wanted to push to Ruby to do something useful, but that did not catch on. I think it was Sinatra. Tried to conceptualise some sort of service for integration but was taken away with daily work so it stayed in prototype phase. Then I made couple of utilities to do some file works. Now I am trying to remember module name I used that fascinated me. (...intensive mental process...). Remembered! it was Rake. Yes. Rule based.That was fascinating!

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