The current stable version is 2.5.1 ... I believe I am at 2.2 ... OK refreshing. Will take some time :)

@ljgww_rb I'm on Ubuntu 18.04 which comes with Ruby 2.5.1. Unless there's a reason for multiple version support, I'd go with latest. Plus, since 2.0 (1.9.2?) there haven't been any major compatibility issues. My philosophy is "stay current and fix breakages".

@michaelfromuk for U 18 I will need new PC... currently no funding for that. Other life priorities. I cannot say I did not like U18 ... tried it on some virtual hardware - its nice. I am just not yet there :)

@ljgww_rb I haven't enjoyed at as much since 14 ... whenever they forced the 'dash' on you, so I use that base with Cairo-dock as DE. It's a little flaky on 18.04, but good enough.
Anything you write in 2.2 will be good going forward. I developed all my first code in 1.8.7 and the move to 1.9 was the biggest hurdle. Since, then all versn upgrades worked seamlessly.

@michaelfromuk something I cannot try as yet (still at U14). Did you try to install 'Gnome Developer'. I am interested what are impressions (if you try it).

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