took me time to find out that rvm installation is as easy as typing:
rvm install 2.5
why this is not mentioned somewhere at the beginning of official documentation?

@ljgww_rb personally I prefer asdf for version management, but RVM is a great tool. Here is the documentation you were searching for:

Don't sweat it though, reading documentation is an art form.

@ljgww_rb also, if you feel like it should be somewhere else you can suggest a change on the repo

@jacobherrington actually instead of sifting thru the documentation on rvm site I found how to use it on some 3rd party blog taking about installation of ruby. Hence, comment. OKay I could probably suggest change to help other people find its way. Thank you for the link in another message. Perhaps I would find it after longer time. I believe it is not RVM documentation that is question, it is rather 'download/install instructions' on that could be more helpful.

@jacobherrington if you claim that then writing documentation is ultimate art form. Unfortunately nobody wants to write it and what’s even worse, very little people know how to write it.

@ljgww_rb asdf might not be the best tool for you if you are only using Ruby, but here ya go:

@jacobherrington asdf sounds interesting more in light if you are using different tools. Thank you for this one. Slim chance I would need it but it is good to know.

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