Is Ruby IDE still heresy to ask for?

@Lyosha I love JetBrains tools. They are magnificent. The price is the problem. I find it expensive.

@ljgww_rb @Lyosha nothing wrong with an IDE, IMHO; whatever you can be productive in!

And on the same note, I think any tool that makes you more productive is worth spending money on if necessary.

@james @ljgww_rb My coworkers use Rubimine and have very good opinion about it. But some of them use vscode with additions and customized spacemacs me included. A lot of nice ide-features for ruby development already implemented in spacemacs. If you looking for completely free ide-experience for ruby development, i think, spacemacs could be suitable for you. Learning curve is quite steep but rewarding.

@Lyosha @ljgww_rb I’ve been using for around a year now, pretty happy with it. I’ve written my own testing layer to take advantage of Rails’ test runner.

@james @Lyosha Never heard of spacemacs (in one moment thought this is related to MacOSX). Then I realized this is another construction. Then I understood this is kind of variant of Emacs editor (which I have extremely little experience with, used it perhaps once of twice between 20 and 30 years ago probably on Irix or HP and never caught on). So I decided to give it a try.
On my U14 box there is no native version that would work so I undertaking trickiest path - building from scratch.

@Lyosha @james I am quite OK with VSCode too - its not really IDE but it is very close for some functions (e.g. syntax highlight, git ops, running the code). VScode runs on two systems that I currently use the most (Win and Lin). I sweared to myself around 2012 that I will successfully ignore Macs in spite that I happily used them for good 2 decades. I amnog giving them a dime more.
If VSCode continue to be friendly as it currently is, it may suck in all significant development.

@Lyosha @james I do not trust MS a zilch, thats why I am weary of VSCode. I know Microsoft since CP/M Basic, they sometimes make very nasty moves.

@Lyosha @james it was easier than expected. Compiled, installed, run. Looks like working.
Switching mode (changing hat) from builder to explorer.

@Lyosha @james spacemacs installation failed. In worst case scenario I will still have working emacs (original)

@james yea some components that are installed later failed. And overall it gives feeling of half working.

@james seems that I managed to install it with no errors (worked out differently, so cannot be 100% sure is working as expected). But what I got at the end is 100% unintuitive for me - still suspecting something may be wrong.

@ljgww_rb there's a steep learning curve, and it also assumes familiarity with . To get you started, pressing space should pop up a menu you can start to explore.

@james on restart. Nope. It does not work. Reports same errors on startup.
Some components seem to require Emacs v25 (i installed 24.5.1 according to documentation v24 shall work).
I will try to remove it.
Just read your message. Vim is not editor of my choice, I know to go around it for some 3 decades but I use it only if I must.

@james I am giving up for tonight. Will try to go one version up and see again if I manage to make it working.
Thank you for being there.

@ljgww_rb @james Try to go through installation process precisely as it describe in readme in spacemacs github. I had problems with installation first time too. As you mentioned that vim is not your cup of tea - don't check evil-mode in the beginning when spacemacs start first time. If you send me dm with your email - I'll send you good book about emacs to begin with. Regarding errors - you definitely should try last emacs version:

@Lyosha @james Installed emacs 25.3.1 and then spacemacs configuration. Everything seems working except that it complains about font (SourceCodePro) not being available. Provided link leads to a github that provides a font that can be installed, I installed and works in other editors except in spacemacs - reason - font has different internal name so I guess spacemacs does not see it hence complain.
First impression: It killed menu from the top. And, I have absolutely no idea how to use it.

@ljgww_rb @james you could change your settings in .spacemacs config file. (You could add font there.) To open it inside spacemacs press space-f-e-d. Main concepts of using emacs are in the book.

@Lyosha @james that space whatever thing does not work for me. I press space, it gets typed....

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@Lyosha @james Tried to find explanation around and that is not much of help. I feel exactly like I felt when I have run Lisp machine emulator - like monkey sitting in front of space shuttle control panel, randomly pressing keys and mouse and nothing happens!
But, i managed to type in scratch buffer and loaded configuration file that I can edit, but that's about it. I am lost.
At least standard EMACS is frendly enough that I could browse dirs, open files, edit them and save them.

@Lyosha @james ah yes with a help of gedit I can edit .spacemacs at least I figured out it is (or suppose to be in 'emacs mode)
Will see for the font.

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@james @Lyosha "And on the same note, I think any tool that makes you more productive is worth spending money on if necessary."
Positive thinking. I agree.

However, not all activities on this world bring money. My Ruby is just an interest to see how far I will go, currently it does not bring money.

Who knows, maybe it would bring money in some distant future (as things are currently with me, its a slim chance that will bring money). Therefore, art for art, if no money - no costly tools....

@ljgww_rb Was it ever heresy? :D +1 for RubyMine as a "true" IDE. IMHO a well-configured (and let's be honest, plugged-in to high heaven) editor like vim/sublime/atom/what have you can work just as well, but that's just what I use :)

@ljgww_rb Have recently switched to RubyMine - it seems to be the only thing in that space that properly qualifies as an IDE.

I like the instant find and refactoring without breaking things

Plus I run guard in a terminal window and can click through if any tests break

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