I am seriously contemplating to write an article with the title: "How Alt-m changed my world"

@skryking that magnificant combination puts Emacs in command mode (as far as I have understood the FM - it surely did something as something finally has happened as expected).

So now I can finally start looking how to open some file to edit and then save it (or even more spooky operation - ignore the changes).

So far It took me only 5 days to figure this out with a lot of RTFM and when this did not render anything then a lot of help of experienced and kind developers of spacemacs on github (who read frustrated users posts)

I wandered how world would look like if I had to spend all this activity to use my first internet browser (that was once upon a time. I believe some 1994, and it was called Mosaic)

@ljgww_rb I also have some not so fond memories of Mosaic and trying to get it to work through winsock and a dial up to a university computer.

@skryking Let me guess - it was called Trumpet Winsock ?

@skryking Legend says - Some evil people later claimed that Microsoft has put a spell on and possesed Mosaic and turned it into so world wide web popular internet browser, that was so amazingly good that every possible application had to work ONLY in it - that was famous Internet Exploder browser.
Some rebels then wrote alternative called CrashScape and claimed they are against evil. But internet applications took decades to be written in it.
This time is today better known as Shinternet time.

@ljgww_rb LOL, you just made me snort coffee out my nose...ouch.

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