@dekkzz78 @tom_dalling if I understood the question, from my viewpoint Ruby is pretty universal tool. Web based apps are future - no doubt on that (at least GUI ones). However judging from other developments today there is way more data science usage than actual web usage. So I guess if Ruby finds its way into data area it will continue floating. I think Rails made Ruby known and useful to wide audience, but this was in the same time a curse - diminishing focus on other uses.

@fjfish i have been on the quest for digital paper since mid 80ties (at that time there were only light pens) Things came to be way better technologically - sensors, ideas, various pens. Only few things currently light my imagination.

@fjfish would not be surprised if it is. this world is wrong on that.

@Xardas thank you! Thoughtful. current issue I have is making it work on windows. Linux by now is more or less OK.

still wrestling with (spac)emacs. Did not come to ruby yet :)

@fjfish the most usable handwriting recognition was on symbian phones that inherited HR from palm. It was not your handwriting rather a set of symbols looking like letters and geared to easier recognition - plus this was done on limited CPU. I do not know why they keep insisting to recognize everyone's handwriting - that does not even work between people! Problem extrapolated to the end will again render something between your handwriting and some easy to recognize symbols.

@fjfish there is another theory for this: if you have seen some 'surface' tablet/PCs that has detachable keyboard this setting is probably related to that. If you have tablet connected to kbd there is no point to show on-screen keyboard, on the other hand if you detach keyboard you need to somehow type the text. For a while I had setup where I had PC connected to tv but used air-mouse with keyboard, sometimes onscreen keyboard came handy (better than one on air mouse). But I am not on windows.

Joking aside, even Mosaic was champion in usability once you manage to connect to internet (which was not really its fault).

User interface was explainable in 2 seconds to everyone - you point and click.

Then surfing without surfboard was invented overnight.


Some people told me I can surf internet today with EMACS (seen something but I need to find right key combination)

@skryking Let me guess - it was called Trumpet Winsock ?

@skryking Legend says - Some evil people later claimed that Microsoft has put a spell on and possesed Mosaic and turned it into so world wide web popular internet browser, that was so amazingly good that every possible application had to work ONLY in it - that was famous Internet Exploder browser.
Some rebels then wrote alternative called CrashScape and claimed they are against evil. But internet applications took decades to be written in it.
This time is today better known as Shinternet time.

So far It took me only 5 days to figure this out with a lot of RTFM and when this did not render anything then a lot of help of experienced and kind developers of spacemacs on github (who read frustrated users posts)

I wandered how world would look like if I had to spend all this activity to use my first internet browser (that was once upon a time. I believe some 1994, and it was called Mosaic)

@skryking that magnificant combination puts Emacs in command mode (as far as I have understood the FM - it surely did something as something finally has happened as expected).

So now I can finally start looking how to open some file to edit and then save it (or even more spooky operation - ignore the changes).

@fjfish dunno, probably because there is belief you can use some device without any kind of keyboard.

I am seriously contemplating to write an article with the title: "How Alt-m changed my world"

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@ljgww_rb if so, I think it's time for some emacs tutorial or the book 😀 . some keys for starters - gist.github.com/robphoenix/9e4

about menu - github.com/syl20bnr/spacemacs/

about last question - yes, i think

@Lyosha .... I tried almost anything that can be installed, compiled, hacked.
Did not find ideal one.
There are few good ones though some of them work in browser.

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