Introducing Ralix - A JavaScript micro-framework for building and organizing Rails front-end code, in the spirit of Stimulus.

Sudo Rails 🔒 - sudo-mode for your Rails controller:

You can easily protect any Rails action with a customizable password confirmation strategy (ships with Devise and Clearance integration).

Seems like mini-* gems are trendy lately: mini_racer, mini_mime, mini_sql, mini_scheduler ...

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MiniI18n 🌐 - Flexible, simple and fast Internationalization library. It supports localization (dates and numbers), interpolations, pluralization, fallbacks, nested keys and more.

Hi everyone! 👋 👋 I'm a developer based in Bcn. I've been developing in Ruby since ~2010. I love open source and build things. I created some Ruby gems ( I'm also maintaining the Awesome Ruby collection (

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