Learnt Ruby in 2009, between jobs, and had free reign over language in new company, so everything was/is Ruby!

No RoR - mainly Sinatra or just Rack.

Now work for myself.

Old-timer... first commercial programming was COBOL in 87; started in BASIC on an RML 380Z 👴

@michaelfromuk RM380Z!!! Wow. How may days, months and years spent on it. For its time these 54K of mem were like riding a rocket!


@ljgww_rb I can't recall much about it now. There was a 'jump' location that would crash it; and a 'put 23' (I think) that switched on smooth scrolling. Back in the days when updating low-memory locations did wild things 😀

@michaelfromuk probably a lot of 'jump' locations would crash it (executing garbage code that was not code sometimes with spectacular effects). We had fun with that approach with some later home computers. But there were useful locations that you can soft/hard reboot OS, reset this or that value, or as you mentioned sending values to IO ports :) actually if I remember good this was main method to switch different video modes and otherwise do stuff with video or sending/receiving data in.out

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