@ColinTheMathmo Hi from a new Mastodonite! I wondered - is it still possible to cross-post between Mastodon and Twitter? I know you used to have it set up.

@johnpettigrew Yes it is, there are on-line services to do that. I've not investigated them for a while, but others are doing it. A search on the hashtags might turn up something. If not, let me know and we'll hunt together, or ask some people who have set it up.

For me, I keep my presences separate except when I want to post in both places, then I compose off-line and use a CL tool to post in both.


@ColinTheMathmo Thanks. I don't know whether it's really a useful thing to do generally (certainly, when replying to something it's unlikely to be sensible) but could be useful when sharing something.

@johnpettigrew Indeed, that's why I compose externally and have a tool to do the bi-post thing.

@ColinTheMathmo Well, I've found moa.party/ which seems to be what I'm after - pretty configurable cross-posting tool. So far, I can tell that it works. 😜


@johnpettigrew @ColinTheMathmo +1 for moa.party - using it currently, and find is less confusing than as a trigger(!)

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