@passthejoe I usually go with the distro, but if it's too old, compile. I have looked at rbenv once, but generally only need to have 1 version, so RVM/rbenv no use to me. rbenv looked like a decent option for an easy standalone compile.

Seeing code like this makes my teeth ache:

if "#{self.key}".start_with?("XYZ")


@johnpettigrew @ColinTheMathmo +1 for moa.party - using it currently, and find is less confusing than as a trigger(!)

Figured this would be a good place to soft launch this. I setup a Discord server specifically for the topic of Ruby & InfoSec. The goal of this server is to help answer questions, educate others, highlight other Ruby InfoSec projects, and counter anti-Ruby FUD with information. If you are interested in both Ruby & InfoSec, or just want to help, consider joining.

Greetings Fedizens! I'm a guy who has been dabbling with for a while. I didn't know this instance existed until today so I made an alt here to talk shop with Ruby folks since I don't follow too many Rubyists (but am looking to!) on my main

Just seen this in some live HTML.
I wonder what they *think* it's doing. Maybe one-per-validation...

@ljgww_rb I haven't enjoyed at as much since 14 ... whenever they forced the 'dash' on you, so I use that base with Cairo-dock as DE. It's a little flaky on 18.04, but good enough.
Anything you write in 2.2 will be good going forward. I developed all my first code in 1.8.7 and the move to 1.9 was the biggest hurdle. Since, then all versn upgrades worked seamlessly.

@ljgww_rb I'm on Ubuntu 18.04 which comes with Ruby 2.5.1. Unless there's a reason for multiple version support, I'd go with latest. Plus, since 2.0 (1.9.2?) there haven't been any major compatibility issues. My philosophy is "stay current and fix breakages".

@ljgww_rb I can't recall much about it now. There was a 'jump' location that would crash it; and a 'put 23' (I think) that switched on smooth scrolling. Back in the days when updating low-memory locations did wild things 😀

Learnt Ruby in 2009, between jobs, and had free reign over language in new company, so everything was/is Ruby!

No RoR - mainly Sinatra or just Rack.

Now work for myself.

Old-timer... first commercial programming was COBOL in 87; started in BASIC on an RML 380Z 👴


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