I'm reluctant to admit that I'm loving over . I still have hopes of reentering the community. However, at this stage, my energies are elsewhere.

Lately, I've been trying to learn more about: development, , and . In addition to learning more & .

Did I mention I'm learning Ember.js? No? Welp, I am. So far it's been a struggle for a few reasons: JavaScript, Node, Ember. 🙂 But I'm having fun...

Looks like the great Google+ Exodus has started...at least for the folks and communities I follow/followed.

This makes me sad. I'm off the Facebook and, so, G+ filled a gap.

Ok - all my other Mastodon accounts lead here! Thanks @phaedryx

So, I have 2 other mastodon accounts. Can I consolidate into one? This one? If so, how do I do that? Thanks (in advance)

Oh, my lack of tact forces me to say: I started my professional career as a Smalltalk developer. And I find most languages dreadful, Ruby being the exception. 😄

Thanks for setting up this mastodon instance!

My first RoR app was back in 2005, but I've been exclusive RoR since 2008.

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I've been working with Ruby (and Rails) for almost 14 years. A few old folks might remember me from robbyonrails.com/ (and some know me from creating @ohmyzsh).

During the week, I run Planet Argon... we help companies who have already made a deep investment into Ruby on Rails with ongoing support/upgrades/maintenance. planetargon.com/

p.s. you may have seen this photo I took, too. (Canada on Rails, April 2006)