Customers furious over days-long outage at A2 Hosting

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What if Twitter federated it’s services with other Mastodon instances?

It's 2019 and still there are people out there who can't accept not being part of an online community…

Yes, I'm talking about getting DDoS attacks because someone was banned from an IRC channel…

Kids these days…

An Alabama man was denied the right to have his Muslim spiritual adviser in the death chamber. But a Texas prisoner's execution was delayed because he was denied his Buddhist minister.

So what's the difference between the two cases?

We're celebrating 5 years of Tutanota! 😍 Enjoy the sunshine everyone. 🌞 And take a look at your encrypted mailbox from five years ago: 😀

The two types of pokemon
"Aww so cute, I want to pat you"
"why is this dude carrying a literal girder"

#Mastodon v2.8.0rc1 is out, the first release candidate for testing

Read the changelog at the link above!

the gnome keyring is utter shit that doesn't work...

any secure place to put passwords? where the user does not have to enter a password all the time?

Any recommended books that are up to date on Ruby on Rails to read? I found but it's 2015 and on Rails 4 :/

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