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This screenshot of Google's Privacy Principle reads like a joke. At Tutanota we encrypt all our users' data because we respect your right to privacy. To achieve this, we don't ask for phone numbers when signing up, but let you use Tutanota anonymously! 😎

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@amirrajan I haven’t been using Google’s products for a long time now (except, rarely, to peek at their search results on a private browser session to see how they compare to my main engine, DuckDuckGo). Nothing they make is irreplaceable.

I use a variety of different products and services. E.g., Fastmail for email, Wire/Signal for private communication, native calendaring apps across Linux and iOS/Mac via the iCal standard via iCloud (also see NextCloud), etc.

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Don't laugh.

Saudi Arabia declares online satire punishable offence
'..."Producing and distributing content that ridicules, mocks, provokes and disrupts public order, religious values and public morals through social media ... will be considered a cybercrime punishable by a maximum of five years in prison and a fine of three million riyals ($800,000)," the public prosecution tweeted late Monday...'

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Google and Facebook are to your privacy what cigarettes are to your health. Quit now, and switch to these amazing alternatives! 💪😀


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This is *5-Eyes member AU - dont act like they can’t simply redirect your internet traffic off of US soil or EU soil to AU soil to force decryption. There are no laws yet that require companies to keep your data stateside in-transit etc. ie MITM attack cloudflares biz model or ReCaptcha or google crap. I sense 4/5 are helped w this lobby effort.

“Australia passes new law to thwart strong encryption” #Privacy


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Ladies, if he:

- never responds to your texts
- is always on the web
- is dynamic, weakly typed, and prototype-based

He's not your man, he's JavaScript.

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If most vegan dishes were re-named as a new food instead of mocking real food, they would probably be more popular and accepted.

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At least until April 2019 you can't use #office365 in a #GDPR compliant way, it leaks email subjects, text of documents & more to US servers according to an audit by the Dutch government. Time for #selfhosting!

Een goede reden #GDPR om als overheid #opensource software, zoals @Nextclouders te gebruiken, gehost in Nederland. Lees hier wat er fout gaat als leveranciers de regels niet zou nauw nemen: https:…

For those days that you feel stupid ... remember this is a “kind of celebrity” in and has her own tv show.

National context: a few months back a national law for legal abortion was rejected by the Senate chamber after being approved by Diputados chamber and many month of public debate.

Spoiler alert: advance is needed to watch it and understand the irony. I don’t think subtitle are possible at all.

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Pro tip: every time you think of replying with, “not all men,” replace with, “men who don’t do this should speak up and stop the men who do.”

Another (kind of..) . I’ve lost the count of them this year.

I must said that I’ve removed from my phone and occasionally visit once every 1-2 month in the web for the last 6. Only missed a few no-so-important birthday. Beyond that, pure shit content.

Trying personal edition. Quite impressive so far. I would like to try the integration.

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Research of almost 1m Android apps reveals how data from smartphones are harvested and shared, with nearly 90 per cent of apps set up to transfer information back to Google. Best get all your apps from @fdroidorg - guaranteed no data sharing with Google! 😀

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/e/ is looking for Linux and web-services security specialist(s). Understand: security policies, SELinux/AppArmor/RBAC, monitoring... on Debian/Ubuntu.
If interested please contact me at
Feel free to relay to friends!

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